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OTBWY said:
JRPGfan said:

Where is the damn pro that was rumored?
This is just a new Screen + better speaker, and a lan port for the switch dock?

What? This feels like nintendo pulling a fast one on us.
You thought we were launching a new cool switch? ha.... heres same old switch, with a new screen!

Again, I don't understand this mentality. 

Someone somewhere probably connected OLED screens with Nintendo at some point and insiders started talking about a Pro model. It went on to live its own life probably. It's on us pretty much.

I think its unlikely it was just made up and snowballed, OLED doesn't equate to better specs and the rumours were actually quite specific and lots of reputable sources touched on it. Eurogamer had their own sources which makes me imagine it was something happening/being prototyped behind the scenes but plans changed. At one point MS was playing with giving Xbox One X a new CPU but it was too expensive.

 I agree though, its on us if we believe rumours will be 100% accurate. Even if they are true at the time of reporting it doesn't mean the company isn't floating various options at that point or that the info isn't outdated.

Last edited by Otter - on 06 July 2021