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Chicho said:

Except that is from 0 and the op is pitting whatever they sell this year + 20201 vs the 13.56 millions of the wii U. Both sould sell more than 3 this year and more than 10 in 2021 . They Have that new console smell so they should sell well next year.

Hi @Chicho I hope you are right, it would be great to see the XS be able to sell 3M+ this year and 10M+ next. 

Right now the XS has sold 2M, that means that it has 2 weeks to sell 1M. It is pretty hard, given that it seems that they are having stock issues. 

XONE sold 7.5M on its second year, so the XS would have to sell quite a bit more. It is not impossible, but it is not going to be easy. 

I hope you are right and it ends up selling a lot next year.