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curl-6 said:
trunkswd said:

I think a March launch for the next console from Nintendo is a smart move. Get the initial rush of sales at launch, have a decent sized game or two before the holidays, then have a heavy hitter for the holidays will help get the momentum going. 

That certainly worked well for Switch, so I can see it working well for its successor. March 2023 really is the absolute earliest though, any sooner would be a miscalculation.

I agree with @curl-6 and @trunkswd March is looking like a great strategy, I am actually kind of surprised that sony or Microsoft didn't try it out. The switch seems to be the console that sold the most units in its first 12 months.

The gameboy advanced sold 10 million and it was also released in march.

the 2023 seems even a bit too soon for me, if the switch manages to sell really well in 2021 (maybe more than 25 million) then it could be insane to stop it's momentum.