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JRPGfan said:
Farsala said:
PS4 HW following my trajectory, any sale past 120m will be a struggle.

The SW on the other hand is quite high, the profits will sustain the PS5 until it stabilizes.

PS4 has sold ~7,8m so far this year, and the holidays are comeing up.
Its sitting at ~114m units sold.

How much will the PS4 do in the holidays? enough to push it up around 118-119m?
How much of sales will instead go to the PS5?

Whats intresting will be how it sells next year (2021), when the PS5 has already launched.
Will it still be able to do 10m+ next year? They need to price drop the PS4 slim & Pro.... if thats to happend imo.
Still 130m+ is still basically set in stone imo (for the lifetime sales of the PS4).

Yeah qauterly Profits of $1bn leading upto a launch of a new console, is never a bad thing.

Was about to comment that your suggestion that it could maybe hit 120 mil this holiday was very far fetched but seems you agreed with that yourself and edited it. Sales in the future really depends on Sony. If they keep shipping enough of them it could probably hit 130 mil, but there's no gurantee they will. Seems they might instead be focusing on shipping as many PS5s as possible early on.

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