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I think the Switch has a very good shot at becoming the first Nintendo console to break 1 billion games shipped, since it's currently a bit ahead of the DS aligned which had shipped 330 mil games after 3 years (end of 2007).
The Wii was way ahead with an absolutely ridicolous 510 mil in its first 3 years, but as we all know that ended up being quite front loaded. As things look now the Switch is more likely to follow a similair sales trend as the DS, and with many 1st party games having stronger legs than ever I think 1 bil is quite doable.

And yes that would indeed make it Nintendo's second most succesful generation and perhaps the Switch their most succesful singular system, even if it doesn't hit the hardware numbers of the DS.

Major Switch Titles Launch Aligned

2022 predictions:

  • Switch - 24m
  • PS5 - 15.5m
  • Xbox Series - 10m