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NextGen_Gamer said:

A $149 Switch TV is definitely possible - the entire NVIDIA system-on-chip, including the 4GB of RAM, is maybe ~$40 to make. So you take aware the LCD touchscreen and even double the storage to 64GB - throw in a Switch Pro controller - and yes $149 would still give them a healthy profit margin. But I don't think that's it...

Instead it has to be a Switch Pro (or Super Switch as I really hope Nintendo calls it and others suggested). Another die-shrink of the NVIDIA SoC to 7-nm and double the RAM to 8GB (so, half as much as PS5/Xbox Series X is expected to have, but same as PS4/Xbox One) would make for a very powerful handheld. It would work no differently than PS4>PS4 Pro; all Switch games work on all systems, but can run at higher resolutions/better textures/shadows/etc on Switch Pro. This would be extremely easy for developers because they already always target two different power profiles now - docked and undocked. This would just be adding in two more - Super-speed docked and Super-speed undocked (made up terms on my part lol but you get what I'm saying).

Nintendo's new lineup for Holiday 2020 then could look as such:

$199 Switch Lite

$299 Switch

$399 Switch Pro

I question the logic behind a Switch Pro. 

Remember the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X have one very clear agenda in transitioning users to 4k experiences and using that as a selling point.

Switch Pro will do the same? If not are we expecting a "premium" console for a 1080p experience with slight better shadows? It sounds extremely niche and uncompelling to me, especially if we look at the games that are doing the most numbers on the Switch (pokemon/mario kart etc). Not something they'd market a whole new expensive SKU around imo.

With a Switch TV you have a cheaper price penetrative model for people who just want to play nintendo games with their family for cheap. Something the Switch Lite cannot offer.

Last edited by Otter - on 06 January 2020