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Sahib said:
TheMisterManGuy said:

So even after i list you like 6-7 games, you still choose to ignore facts and make up shit with no evidence. How is Nintendo worse than Microsoft? Show me when Microsoft put out 7 New IPs in less than 2 years. AAA budgets or no, these games count. 

Why 2 years? Seems like an arbitrary number of years to make the comparison. how about this we do a comparison of a the current generation of consoles, i’ll Even combine Nintendo’s new IPs for both WiiU and Switch. 

Nintendo new IPs for Wii U and Switch:

Wonderful 101



1-2 Switch 





***Octopath Traveller is a SE IP not Nintendo, like Ryse is a Cryrek IP not MS.


Microsoft new IPs for XB1:

Sunset Overdrive

Quantum Break


Sea of Thieves

Crimson Dragon

Ori and the Blind Forest





MS has a good edge on Nintendo, although both look irrelevant compared to Sony.


Sony new IPs for PS4:

  1. Bloodborne
  2. Horizon Zero Dawn
  3. The Last Guardian
  4. Detroit: Become Human
  5. Dreams (still unreleased)
  6. Until Dawn (from Supermassive that is not part of Sony and develops games also for other platforms)
  7. Driveclub
  8. The Order 1886
  9. Knack
  10. Death Stranding (still unreleased)
  11. Days Gone (still unreleased)
  12. Ghost of Tsushima (still unreleased)
  13. Concrete Genie (still unreleased)
  14. The Tomorrow Children 
  15. What Remains of Edith Finch (not Sony, not even PS exclusive)
  16. Everybody's gone to the Rapture
  17. Drawn to Death
  18. Kill strain
  19. Alienation (Housemarquee is not a Sony studio)
  20. Matterfall (Housemarquee is not a Sony studio)
  21. Bound (Plastic is not a Sony company)
  22. Helldivers (Arrowhead is not Sony)
  23. Resogun
  24. Hohokum
  25. Guns Up (by Valkyrie not Sony)
  26. Entwined
  27. CounterSpy
  28. Here They Lie
  29. Hidden Agenda (Supermassive)
  30. Erica (still unreleased)
  31. Astrobot 
  32. RIGS
  33. Starblood Arena
  34. Farpoint (Impulse Gear, not Sony)
  35. Blood and Truth (still unreleased)
  36. Bravo Team (Supermassive)
  37. Deracine (From Software)

You correctly call out Octopath Traveler as not being a game from Nintendo, then you declare a bunch of Indie games as Sony property. That's funny. If we would do the same, we could easily declare Overcooked, Celeste, Axiom Verge and Steamworld Dig as Nintendo games.

Next up you name a lot of games that are still unreleased. It could be years until Ghosts of Tsushima release. We know this tactics: for years every year we read about The Last Guardian in all list declaring why the next year will be the best year for the PS3. Yeah, PS3. Nintendo tends to unveil their games closer to release. I bet with you, that before Ghosts of Tsushima releases, three new Nintendo IPs are releasing as well.

And then you convieniently forget about Nintendo and MS IPs. For Nintendo you forget for instance Denpa Men, Dillon's Rolling Western, Tomodachi Life, Miitopia, Steel Diver, Pushmo, NES Remix and Sushi Strikers, from the top of my head.

After all it is not that Nintendo creates less new IPs than the others, just your perception is warped. Which is normal, we all have a bias. But just don't take your bias for fact.

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