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quickrick said:

calling something BS Because you don't agree or like the opinion is ridiculous, i was banned by you for a ridiculous reason because i said if the ps3 was priced right, it would have easily won the gen. we argued about it bit and got banned, rol last argument was nintendo PR numbers are not the real numbers, got upset and threw a temper tantrum. now it's also funny that only problems you, and rol dealt with are sony fans, never had a nintendo fan be a problem, obviously showing your bias  to popular opinion or a company because i would say the majority are nintendo fans here, and i have seen a few nintendo fans be dense, but nobody attacks them cause it's popular opinion, even when they are factually wrong. if they are gonna let you be a mod again might as well just let rol be a mod since you are gonna do the work him.

Bullshit is misleading information and refusing to admit you're wrong.

The first case in point that comes to mind, your actions in this thread -

TruckOSaurus put it best. "You say something outrageous which is demonstrably false, then you get called out on it, then you contextualize your statement afterwards. That leaves you with zero credibility."

In previous months? Let's take a look, in particular at this thread - - And your "discussions" with CGI-Quality. CGI repeatedly called you out and asked you for evidence/ explanations, and you repeatedly offered him nothing. It ended up with this post, probably because CGI has a far cooler temper than most other people would -

Outside of that, if you don't want to count the time I banned you for being obtuse and annoying, let's take a little look at a bunch of your moderations over the last year. - Trolling Nintendo with a strawman argument - Trolling Nintendo, constant negativity - Trolling Xbox and sexism, all in one - Trolling Nintendo throughout the thread - Trolling Nintendo, derailing the thread - Trolling Nintendo and baiting Nintendo fans

There is a major trend to what gets you into trouble and why people are so hostile towards you. In a Year on the site you've been consistently negative towards Nintendo and the Switch, you've been repeatedly called out by numerous members of site staff and you've been repeatedly banned for shit you do. There has been no significant change in your behaviour and you're still causing the very same problems 12 Months on from your famous "cliff" post.

It's clear to anyone with access to the forums what needs to be done.

As for my own bias, I'm not solely a Nintendo fan. I enjoy a select few Nintendo games and have owned numerous Nintendo platforms. The Switch is genuinely a brilliant console to compliment the PS4 and PC. I mainly played videogames on the Xbox 360 last generation despite being a toxic PS fan and the PS4 is currently my primary platform. I have more moderations on my account dating back over the last 10 years for trolling Nintendo and Xbox than you do. Trying to paint me, of all people, as some anti-Sony Nintendo fan shows just how ignorant you can be.