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quickrick said:
SpokenTruth said:

Let's try this again.  Why are you lying?  They have downgraded their shipment forecasts before.  Several times.

What you posted doesn't change that.

i was speaking in context they would only change the forecast if it was 200% guaranteed  they wouldn't make the forcast


look here


wiiu shipped shipped basically nothing for Q2 and they stuck with the 10 million forcast.

That's your problem though. You say something outrageous which is demonstrably false, then you get called out in it, then you contextualize your statement afterwards. That leaves you with zero credibility. If your goal is to express your opinion and have people take it into consideration, why not make sure your point is understood immediately? Instead of going for the hyperbole and inciting people to jump at you because you're spreading false information?

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