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KLXVER said:
BraLoD said:
Even as this is a joke mirror thread, it's very interesting how different the reaction is here compared to the Sony censorship hate bandwagon.
Not that I expected any different tho, lol.

Its different though. If Sony was using a character from a T or M rated game in their E rated game. Changing the appearance of the character would be understandable. Its not really censorship. They are also going for a different group of gamers.

Ya, also the whole censor thing is not issue in the regards of a company putting restrictions on their own game. Like no one is complaining Last of Us in Japan has blood taken out to fit more with the norm of that society. The censor issue, is Sony America forcing their own American standards onto Third Party Japanese games released in Japan. 

KLAMarine said: 
Acevil said: 

Nope, she gets to keep all her exposed skin glory!

That's just weird... Mythra but not Pyra.

Last edited by Acevil - on 30 November 2018