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JEMC said:
Mnementh said:

EDIT: I just realized, that Microsoft has major trouble to get into the japanese market with the Xbox, but at the time has one of the most successful IPs in Japan. Funny how things work out sometimes.

Well, Minecraft is only a MSoft game because they bought it, not because they made it, so it's very different from other MSoft games.

OT: I'm surprised to see FIFA in the top ten and in front of titles like 1-2-Switch, Tropical Freeze or Mario + Rabbids. And Skyrim being nº 18 isn't a bad result.

Hmm, yes, but still somehow funny with MS and Minecraft.

I thought the same about Skyrim, then realized though it released in 2018 in japan, so this includes launch sales. With this in mind it looks more like expected, not especially good. Still, should be fine sales for Bethesda.

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