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ktay95 said:
Darashiva said:

Nothing wrong with that, Nintendo games alone just aren't enough by themselves anymore to really make a console a massive success. More often than not Nintedo's own games are among the best on any of their console's, but for a wider audience the console is going to need support from big third party developers as well in my opinion.

3DS did well enough for a Nintendo only console. Ok so there are a few Japanese 3rd party games that do well but for the most part its a Nintendo/ Pokemon machine. Nintendo just need to support Switch like they did 3DS and not how they treated WiiU. Seriously look at just how many games Nintendo publish on 3DS

Of course there's always the chance that Nintendo games are going to be enough. The Wii is a very clear indicator of that, but that would require that one or more of the Switch's games becomes a mainstream hit like Wii Sports or Wii Fit. Or maybe a Pokemon game on the Switch can do that at some point, but I'm still a bit sceptical about its chances without strong 3rd party support. I want it to be successful, because that is always a good thing for gaming in general. Right now I'm just just not quite convinced yet. It'll probably outsell the WiiU comfortably regardless, just based on the better marketing and identity the Switch has.