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leo-j said:
man-bear-pig said:
leo-j said:
no, it's expected to sell somewhere around what BORN THIS WAY sold first week in the U.S.. and sell very little world wide.. she's a U.S singer..

1.1-1.2 million U.S first week sales.. in comparison BORN THIS WAY by lady gaga sold over 2 million copies WW last year.. and about 1.1 million copies week one in the U.S..

...Yeah, but 400k of Born this ways 1st week US sales were for $0.99 from Amazon...

and I was one of those sales.. I would have bought the album for a higher price if that offer wasn't available.. that doesn't take away from the fact she would have sold Way more than 700K week 1 without the deal.. in the U.S alone.. and over 1.5 million WW which is what swift may debut with..

Lady Gaga is a nobody these days though...if she were to release an album this week alongside Taylor Swift it would probably sell ~100k