atma998 said:
Carl2291 said:

Yes. And what's your point? The PS2 has 115 2 Million sellers, the DS has 101 1 Million sellers.

And Final Fantasy sold more on PS3 because of Japan Exclusivity, and the majority of people who wanted the game already having a PS3 due to it being "exclusive" until E3 08. Add into that the PS3 version being the superior version... And you get more sales on PS3.

Yeah sure comparing a system selling software during ten years to a system selling software during only 5 years. Nice job!

And like I said before... now you can compare software sales between a handheld and a home console, but when you are saying that the DS will become (very soon) the best selling gaming system, there is people claiming that you can't compare a handheld to a home console.

As for FFXIII, you said it all, the game was exlusive in Japan and didnt sell as much as FFX or FFXII did. I guess the userbase does play a role after all.

1. Great damage control

2. So? This is about software sales, not hardware. He pulled the Wii into the comparison so i proved him wrong with the mighty PS2.

3. Nope. Not really. Poor reception to the game itself for changing stuff and being "linear" would have caused that. As Yakuza would prove my point again, with Yakuza 4 being the fastest selling in the series, faster than the PS2 Yakuza Now could you stay on topic please, and not make this into a FF discussion. This is about how GTA:CW has underperformed compared to every other GTA game. Thanks.