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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will the XBOX One outsell the SNES?


Will XBOX One outsell the SNES?

Yes 55 51.89%
No 51 48.11%

According to VGChartz as of the 10th of November the XBOX One has sold 39.71 million units. As everyone is aware Microsoft are not reporting their numbers on a regular basis like their competition and overall it's fair to say sales for the console have fallen short of expectations. 

The SNES sold a total of 49.1 million consoles lifetime. The question is will the XBOX One ever reach that mark? 

As we all know the next generation is coming sooner rather than later and Microsoft might be keen to initiate that next gen and dump the XBOX One. However, it's possible that the next gen isn't coming until 2020 which would mean the XBOX One could have another 18-24 months as the premier Microsoft Console, including 2 holiday periods. This could result in substantial sales. 

What do you think? Will they sell another 10 million lifetime? I guarantee the PS4 will sell another 10 million lifetime no worries whatsoever.... 

Should be at 42.7-43.2m by the end of the year. Can they sell ~6.1m from January 1st 2019 until being discontinued? Easily.

I would be really shocked if Xbox One didn't end up at 50M+ lifetime.

Yeah probably by Q4 next year.

50-60 million lifetime in my opionion

jason1637 said:
Yeah probably by Q4 next year.

Too soon.

If you asked me this 2 or 3 years ago I would be more on the not expected to happen, but at this moment it's feasible with another 2 years before next gen.

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Chances are high that it will

Yeh should do it comfortably.

Xbox 360 and Xbox One

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Ill go with no. Im sure there will be a successor to the console soon.