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Wait nvm, they said they'd divulge in new details in Spring. Then again the game's pretty much almost done so it shouldn't be too far off. Summer at latest in which case I think they can still get it out in 2010, Fall-Winter.

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The Anarchyz said:
The game should be good, let's see what happens...

On a side comment, i'm really tired of some RPG names, most of them are like: Infinite, The Last, Final, Ultima (Last in spanish), End, Fate, etc.

It also means last in portuguese and Italian :P

I'd say summer is a good bet alright. I think they'd be keeping more of their Winter line up for announcements at E3 and TGS.

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Daaamn. And Nintendo's involved?

I'm in.

Carl2291 said:
The music on the site is great.

Can't wait to see some more of this...


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Music sounds nice, so off to a good start...

I also really like the idea of one of the original FF creators going back (hopefully) to the series roots to make his own new FF game (just calling it something else).

I just want a good Wii RPG that uses motion plus, and preferably has real time battles, though if it's similar to an old school FF I doubt it will be. Either way, I definitely gotta keep this on my radar.

Whoamg, yes! Love this and all the other Nintendo news.

The Last Story, Xenoblade, Tales of Graces, Arc Rise Fantasia, Monster Hunter 3, Dragon Quest X, Fragile Dreams...Wii reconfirmed as the JRPG console!

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Soriku said:
Cactus said:
Soriku said:

I KNEW IT! I didn't mention it because people were hoping for a 360 game but I had a feeling this game was from Mistwalker.

GREAT news! More RPG goodness!

I'm just glad it's on a console. I love my handheld RPGs, but I think we've all seen how much better Mistwalker's work is when they go for larger scope console RPGs.

I said this earlier, but I really hope that the game does great and Mistwalker finds a long term home with Nintendo.

I just hope Nintendo markets it a lot...sort of as their own FF.

I kinda want them to make square feel bad for not releasing  main stream final fantasy on their system for the last hojillion years.

This tidbit from his blog was interesting.

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The music on the game website is just epic.