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DMeisterJ said:

@ Soriku

So now you're saying that Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is as big of a game as Super Mario Galaxy? You're funny!

No, I'm saying I can do the same thing.

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This thread sucks. Where's a Mod when you need one?

@ etuoyo

The Wii does not need a savior... yet. As I said in previous posts. Two weeks ago, the Wii was at 21k and the PS3 was at 19k. IF the PS3 were to beat the Wii and keep that trend going (With the forty gig, and DW6 bundle) and how SMG didn't really move hardware, THEN IT WOULD NEED A SAVIOR. Not now, for now it's fine, but when remarkable games start coming out for the PS3 (MGS4, FFXIII, Versus XIII, etc.) and the Wii is still falling as it was up until the release of SMG, then it will need a savior.

Super Mario Galaxy did not even come out in the U.S.A. yet. So you have to wait till the game has been out in the U.S.A. for a week before you can say Wii Hardware was not effected by smg!

@ Soriku

No, you said that R&C only moved a few thousand PS3 units, much like SMG did to the Wii. SO, indirectly, you are comparing the two.

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@ Tuggy

Read the posts, we're talking about Japan.

DMeisterJ said:
@ Soriku

No, you said that R&C only moved a few thousand PS3 units, much like SMG did to the Wii. SO, indirectly, you are comparing the two.

*sigh* Nevermind...

This thread is full of trolling and flamebating, 1 member banned 2 weeks, worthless discussion of SMG being wii's savior (fastest selling console needs a savior?)


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Amazing discussion about being wrong
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I honestly can't believe this thread has been going on like this for this long.

But I might as well leave my two cents on this:

1) The whole idea that Wii needed a "saviour" right now....now I don't know who came up with this idea, but really, it's gotta stop. You guys are all saying that since the Wii has gone below 20k, and not leading the PS3 by 3X as much units as it use to, that means it's a failure? Do you guys not see the failure in this logic? Despite the fact the Wii has dipped that low, alll of the other consoles have also dipped as well. The Wii is STILL the #1 home console in Japan, the PS3 is STILL behind the Wii, and the 360 is STILL dead last (despite the surge recently that carried the 360 past the PS3 for the week). So how did the Wii need a saviour, when it's STILL kicking the PS3 and 360's butt?

2) Mario sales on the home console FOR Japan is to be expected. Haven't you guys noticed that the DS AND the PSP have more units sold than the home consoles COMBINED? Doesn't that tell you something? The handhelds have ALWAYS been more important than the home consoles lately in Japan, ever since the DS Lite has around. I guess it comes down to the Japanese taste small, compact preferences in the aesthetics of their appliances, which explains why handhelds are winning in Japan when compared to consoles.

3) And yes, when comparing BIG game sales in America and Europe, 250k is a small and disappointing debut for SMG. But really, why compare it to America and Europe? Japan is a small, but no less important, market compared to America and Europe. But it is still small. 250k is pretty darn good over there. Then add in the fact that Wii Fit is coming soon in Japan, and then you might have your answer as to why people in Japan might have something else to buy. It seems to me that many people in Japan are more interested in new type of games than the traditional games. I t doesn't mean that no traditional games are going to be bought, like SMG, MGS4, FF13, etc. But it does mean that there might be less of those games bought in Japan.

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