What persisted you to buy your first console?

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GC, for Pokemon lolz. Though I owned a PS1 before a GC, my uncle gave his to me so I never had to buy it.

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Gamecube cause I loves me some Nintendo

My first ever console was a gift on Christmas of 1995, a Sega Genesis, the very first model that released in America at the age of 7 or 8 because the only game I can remember is playing Mortal Kombat the day my step dad passed his Genesis to me and my sisters. Then I think a year later we got another Sega Genesis but it was the 2nd revision (1996) and that came with the Genesis console and 6-Pak with 6 Genesis games:

My next console was a gift on Christmas 1997 at the age of 10 I received a Playstation and a GameBoy Color. Then on May of 2000 I got a Nintendo 64 along with Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Snap.

I then got a PS2 on the Christmas of 2002 with Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai. As for the Xbox and Gamecube, I bought those on my own seperately used at Gamestop for $30 each last year (2008)

The first console I bought personally was a Xbox 360 in summer of 2007 and I bought a PSP Slim in October of 2007 and then December of 2007 I bought a 80GB PS3 MotorStorm bundle. Then May 2008 I bought the Nintendo Wii and a NDS but I cannot remember the actual month. That was the last console purchases

It's crazy how this thread had me rethink how I got my consoles in the first place. It took me like an half and hour

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PlayStation, Dad bought me it.

First one that I bought for myself was the PlayStation 2 and I bought it because I wanted a next gen console.

Ironiclly i got a N64 first as my original console ever, my uncle bought it for me full priced and all new at the time.

Then my birthmom gave to me a used PS1, then eventually i got a new PS1 and then a Slim PS1 .

To be honest i was a Nintendo fanboy in the years 2000 to 2005, until i discovered what a PS2 was... after that i never went back.

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My first gaming console that I owned was a C64. I also had a friend that had a Atari 2600 which where nowhere near as common in Germany as in the US during the same time.

Well I became hooked on games since my dad bought me an SNES. I've had pretty much every system released but the first console I bought my self was the PS2 followed by wii, then 360. Ps3 is all I'm missing now.

I bought my Wii because of Mario games but in 2009 the precious PS3 slim came around and Uncharted 2 tipped me over.

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The Nintendo 64, I told it I didn't want to buy it but it wouldn't leave me alone. It kept on nagging me to buy it for ages and eventually I gave in.

It really was very persistent.

nes.. because look at it? it was beast lol.. it had everything lol