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That's not even $10/game.
If you have a Wii, haven't played all three games or want to experience the first two with Wii controls then this is a must get.

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Hopefully Best Buy has about a million copies put back. This deserves to sell like Mario.

i knew not buying this game for full price would pay off :)

If only we had a Best Buy in Saskatchewan.

That's $6.67 per game, brand new, with upgraded controls and graphics. I think GameStop sells Metroid Prime 2 USED for $8 or $9, and it can't even use IR controls!

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Oh man, that is too good to pass up. Is there anyway to make sure the store has a copy?

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metalmonstar said:
Oh man, that is too good to pass up. Is there anyway to make sure the store has a copy?

I was thinking the same thing. If you go to bestbuy.com and try to add it to your cart, you can check the "In Store Pickup" availability. I have no way of knowing how accurate that is, but it's worth noting that 2 out of 5 stores local to me claim to have the game "Unavailable." At least it's a start.


I have wanted this game a while, but all the people buying me Christmas presents have already finished. I feel greedy buying myself something so close to Christmas but I don't know if I can pass up this deal.


Stephlereff said:

You guys are lucky,that game can't even be sold in stores around here because of the law.

I live in Quebec and I'm glad I got my copy before they took it out the shelfs. But you can import it my friends.There is ebay and else. At 20$ its a crazy price...maybe I should buy 3 or 4 and sale it in Québec ......Ok Just kidding. But it's worth importing it in my opinion.


Anyone who has access to this game, at this price, who owns a Wii but hadn't purchased this before and doesn't purchase it NOW, is an idiot. :)

Neat deal on Dawn of the New World going on, too.



$14.99 at Best Buy

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