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Just curious, since console-exclusives on xbox360 are not "exclusive" to the xbox, does that mean that PC games are enterable into the "best graphics on a console" category? If so, crysis, right?

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Am I the only one who thinks "Best Graphics" and "Best Engine" should be two separate categories? I mean one is based off opinion and the other is based of fact.

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Were you making these threads last year when Gears 2 was the king?

Why would he? He has no interest in Gears. He doesn't even own a 360.

Beyond that, at that time, many sites and gamers alike thought MGS4 was the "graphical King".

You sure? Yeah sites still give the credit for having some of the best (the best last year) animations on consoles but technically I've seen more that dive into the comparison to find Gears 2 better.

It received more awards for best graphics from sites, apparently. How do i feel, I call them even. But, even at the main award's show, it was nominated for best graphics (MGS4).

Regardless, what happened in 2008 is irrelevant.

People are saying that I am not contributing to the graphics talk... so I'll start ehre.

MGS4 is not anywhere clsoe to the best looking game on any close. The engine for that game is seriously underdeveloped.

The game runs in 1024x768 native resolution which is lower than the usual 1280x720 resolution most console gams run today. The draw distance in the game is pathetic as cliffs and walls limit the view in order to keep a decent frame rate. Speaking of frame rate, its supposd to be locked at 30 but it dips in to low 20s in intense battles such as the ship level.

The game has very detailed models and faces and that what make people think the game is visually impresive. Bodies disapear 30 seconds after being shot, there isn't any impressive lighting...etc. I have not seen uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 looks amazing. But MGS4 does not belong on the 10 best looking games list this gen...

Not trying to be mean but how you feel about it "not being the best looking on consoles" (which I agree with), is irrelevant because this whole subject is opinionated as is. Just thougt I throw that out there.

On another note, you bringing up what people felt in 2008 was the "best looking console game", was unnecessary. I say, let those that agree have their fun and not intentionally cause trouble.

Except my post actually brings up facts about the game and its engine and is very little opinion based.

But the thread has nothing to do with 2008. You needlessly brought it up because you didn't agree with the content at hand.


KingFate said:
Am I the only one who thinks "Best Graphics" and "Best Engine" should be two separate categories? I mean one is based off opinion and the other is based of fact.

Well, depends what you mean by 'Graphics'.  To me that means frame rate, resolution, quality of shadows, animation, particle effects, etc. and therefore to me neither graphics nor engine are opinion based.

I think though some see 'Graphics' to mean the look, the art design, etc.  although I'd argue that is 'Artistic Direction' myself.

So, if everyone gets behind my view then graphics ain't opinions.  Alternatively if we can agree graphics means art direction then it is based on opinions to a large extent.


Try to be reasonable... its easier than you think...

I have to say, that is very reasonable.(I am sorry, I couldn't resist)

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If using frame rate, resolution, quality of shadows, animation and particle effects is the standard by which to measure, then, in my opinion, Uncharted 2 has no equal. KZ2 comes in second.

And PC doesn't count, it wouldn't be a fair fight.

Bad Company 2, it looks amazing.

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The best Graphics for me on console is Final Fantasy XIII.

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disolitude said:
Were you making these threads last year when Gears 2 was the king?

gears 2 was never king


on a technical level, or a visual level, then again visuals are subjective.. some prefer super mario galaxy's visuals over Killzone's visuals because of the art style.