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My Top 10 Under-appreciated PlayStation 2 Games



Here is my Top Ten Under-appreciated games. These are games i feel they didnt get

the attention they deserved. Others, in my opinion, were just unfairly reviewed by critics.


10- Rule of Rose

A beautiful, twisted horror game. It is a pretty intense story and doesn't hold back on anything.  It shows you just how cruel kids can be. 

The game suffered from bad controls and repetitiveness, so i can understand why it got a lot of bad reviews

But the story makes it well worth it. So simply If the story doesn't grab you, then you can probably pass on Rule of Rose,

Because other elements aren't nearly as satisfying.

One of my favorite horror games, with one of the best stories I've experienced


9- SMT: Digital Devil Saga

We all rarely got the feeling and say, “this might be the best (insert genre) of all time!”

but with Digital Devil Saga this is certainly one of those rare instances.

This one of the best RPG’s as that has ever been released. It’s rare and quite refreshing to come by

a game that is so unique in every aspect, with such complex characters


8- Urban Reign

The best multiplayer Beat-em-up i played in a very long time

Terrific fighting mechanics which are surprisingly deep, and some really vicious hitting XD

I couldn't believe the the low scores this game got from reviewers and the complains about the story (who plays beat-em-ups for stores!!)

Single player is fun but nothing special which is really the only let down in the game (but who cares about single player mode)

The Multiplayer is just awesome (4 player battle royal FWD!), 3 years have being playing this game with my friends and it never got boring

Hope i see a sequel this gen


7- Arc the lad Twilight of The Spirits

This is without a doubt the best multi-lead RPG available on the PS2.

You play as Kharg and Darc. Their stories will unfold through chapters of gameplay. The game is very character driven as the

main conflicts don't appear until the final hours of the game. There are quite a few nice twists in the story to keep you on your toes

The battle system is strategy based and was done very well. This is really under-appreciated gem


6- Magna Carta: Tears of Blood (aka Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata)

Despite what reviews maybe have you believe, Magna Carta does have a lot to offer.

It's true the game may be hard to get into, but trust me, once you do, it becomes a lot of fun.

Solid gameplay, really good story and sad sacrifices.


5- Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

A third person shooter from Midway that has very unique and interesting concept that makes it a one of a kind game

Psi-Ops's gameplay is pretty solid, Players will get to use a variety of psy power throughout the course of the game.

The main power that is used Telekinesis as it's the most physics based power in the whole game and is essential to how

players make their way through any given level..

That best part is when you get the majority of your powers and use it to your enemies


4- Shadow Hearts

A hero with a mysterious past. A young girl holding the key to world domination.

A villain who will stop at nothing to unlock the path to unlimited power.Prepare to experience an RPG unlike any other.

Created by ex-Squaresoft members who left Square and created a development company called Sacnoth (later known as Nautilus)

The sequel is even better and it maybe the best RPG on the PS2 (lol, yes one of those rare moments)


3- Shadow of Destiny (aka Shadow of Memories)

Stabbed, pushed off a roof, poisoned, and shot, You are Eike, a man who is "destined to die" and must travel through time to alter his fate.

Explore the fictional German town of Lebensbaum, solve puzzles, and interact with different characters to uncover the cause of your demise.

This game is one of the most underrated PS2 titles, unique gameplay, interesting story & characters and eight endings help explain many of the events in the story



Outside of japan, I'd say this is the most criminally underrated video game series in a long time, if not ever.

Yakuza 2 was great too, and Yakuza 3 looks to be even better.

If Yakuza 3 do get a release date in the west i hope it finally get the recognition it deserves


1- God Hand

God Hand is the most underrated & under-appreciated game of its time.The game was just phenomenal

The fact that you can fully customize your combos and move list means that you can change the game to

match YOUR taste & fighting style more than ever before. The game is really challenging, and unlike some games where button mashing

may get you somewhere, button mashing in God Hand won't even get you past the first few enemies.

This is a game that you must master to survive, the difficulty level is completely dynamic on normal mode, it fluctuates between 1, 2, 3, and DIE (in Die you Die).

If you take a beating, the enemy level drops; if you dish one out, the enemy level rises (not kidding)

Yes, you have unlimited continues, but this is because you will need them. Starting with the very first stage, the enemies will hand you your own ass—repeatedly.

God Hand avoids resorting to cheap Fake Difficulty tactics (you know what talking about).

The characters and dialogue were funny and entertaining and added to the game fun experience.


If you wanna know the Truth about GOD HAND watch this video





That was my top 10 under-appreciated PS2 games

Hope you found something interesting, you owe it to your self to try them out

It was really hard for me to chose just ten, but i feel these are the most deserving

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wow, i actually havent played any of those :X

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AMEN for Shadow of Destiny (Indigo Prophecy before Indigo Prophecy was Indigo Prophecy!) and Psi Ops (The Force Unleashed done right!). SoD aged kinda poorly, but Psi Ops is still awesome. It has MGS level (well, not quite) boss fights/characters. Play it!

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God hand is beyond badass. Deserves #1.

I own every single one of those except for Psi-Ops. Not bad.

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Urban Reign was awesome, God hand was fun tho the background seemed really bland like it was a beta IMO lol..and Yakuza...love that series!!!!

I thought you were gonna put Shadow Hearts on 1.
But after seeing what was there, I agree.
God Hand is AWESOME.

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Psi-Ops was a Very Very good game! Nice work me boy!


100% agree with what you said


no shock there really :P


i would expect no less from you (but u should that one)

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Dang. I also don't own Urban Reign, but I have seen videos of it.