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Same Tekken, same downfalls, different gen.


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Tekken 6 is the most balanced Tekken yet. Animations are great , a huge roster off 44 UNIQUE (Barring Eddy and Christie ) Characters, Solid 60 FPS (Offline anyway) . Yes load times are slightly annoying, but ffs, it is NOT a game breaker. And Gameplay >>> Graphics. Tekken has never been about Hardware pushing Visuals. Hardware pushing Animations, physics, maybe. The game looks absolutely beutiful on my 1080P Sony Bravia 42" . ( Two years old) . A Quote from a Tekken Zaibatsu user (Hardcore Tekken User ) " Tekken has been around since the early 90's, and until today, some people STILL mistake it as a button masher, and that mastering 10-hit combos (also known as 10-strings) are essential to becoming a Tekken master. (Not that I'm surprised, Namco even saw it fit to mention 10-strings in the game's manual. Of course, none of the above are true at all. In fact, Tekken is one of the most technically demanding fighting games - right up there with Virtua Fighter, and, some may argue, more so than Street Fighter. However, thanks to Namco's focus on a side game, rather than focusing on the actual strength of T6, it's gameplay, this misconception isn't going to change anytime soon. --- The Fighting System. Before we begin, you'll need to know the notations: LP (left punch) = 1 RP (right punch) = 2 LK (left kick) = 3 RK (right kick) = 4 f = forward ff= tap forward twice b = back db = down and back (you press the two directions at the same time) d,f = down, then forward - you tap them separately, not press the together u = up... (you get the picture) Right, let's get on with it... The Fighting System: If you haven't been keeping up with Tekken, there are a number of changes and improvements that have been made. Some of these include: The fastest moves in the game are 10 frames. No more 8 frame jabs, etc. Hitboxes have been tightened, which means that a lot of moves have picked up evasive properties (e.g. a kick with a low ducking animation can "slip through" mid hitting moves if timed right.) This also means that sidesteps/sidewalking has been refined significantly. Juggle damage has been reduced. While it is not uncommon to find large damage juggles in 3D fighters (Virtua Fighter has 50-70% juggles), players wanted the damage reduced in Tekken, and so T6 is a reflection of that. A new feature, called bound, or B! for short, has been added. Tekken's wall game has been tweaked. A lot of it revolves around wall splats, or W! for short....... "
Just an excerpt from his post. He seems to know what he's Taking about. To me Tekken 6 Is the greatest fighter ever, because of balance, variety, accessibility and content. EASY TO LEARN, but a BITCH to Master.

You guys bitch too much. This Tekken is a port from the arcade game. STFU already! This game offers more in its apparent state than any other Tekken game. It looks worlds beyond Tekken 5 so seriously, do me a favor a STFU. The PS2 would not be able to handle this Tekkens graphics.