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In the huge ship of rumors about the PS3 price cut,there are also some which are saying $199 PS3 is on its ways.Well it could possibly be on its ways.Earlier in the year when Sony reported its earnings for the previous year,it also said that year 2009-10 will again be a loss making year for the Playstation set of products.

We all know that the PS2 and PSP are making profits.It was also recently reported from a Sony Vice-president that PS3 maufacturing cost were slashed 70%,so it is now costing them only $240 to manufatuaring the PS3s,link.

They made loss in the first quarter but if they keep selling at their current price,they are making profit now and they will recoup that loss made in the first quarter during the rest of the financial year.Now you would say that Sony are going to make a price cut of $100,even if they made a $100 price cut,still they will be in profits and recoup the first quarter loss.

So how did they predict that 2009-10 will again be a loss making year for the playstation products,their can be only one answer,a huge price-cut is on its way?

$199 price is very unlikely as it would again be the same as the previous year,where PS3 making costs were $40 more than its selling price.$249 price is more likely as it will just cost Sony about $10-20 more than its selling price if you add the shipping cost and othe misc costs,and as preddicted by Sony they will be making loss with this price cut.

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I thought the $199 price was a sick joke by Jaffe? Either way I dont see Sony cutting the price that dramatically for the PS3. $300 is as low as it will go for this holiday season.

Anything more than $100 would be a major surprise.

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I would be surprised to see them completely skip the $299 price point.

$249 ot less would be a huge surprise. Is this the reason why Sony is delaying a price cut, to make it really big?

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most of the places PS3 is already selling at $350 as a discount,so what will cutting it to just $300 do,nothing big.

Amazon recently also cut the PS3 160gb to $450

I'm sorry, I'm not a believer.
It's $299 for me.

Cost to manufacture is only one aspect the other being overheads. Also although we believe the original console cost $800 to make this is only an educated guess.

I think if we take Sony as a whole it is extremely unlikey they will reduce prices by that much even if the numbers stacked up as the money will be needed elsewhere in the same division or other divsions within Sony.

If they can afford the $100 price cut then that will be all you will see as it does not make commercial sense to enter into a price war with Microsoft and potentially Nintendo. I think personally they have done the right thing by delaying the price cut for as long as they were able.

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$199 or $249??? So you see two or three years from now. The PS3 price will be around those figures. I believe it will be a $50 price drop from here on. Sony can not afford to sell the PS3 at loss making prices anymore - they are not as rich as Microsoft.

$349 towards the end of the year must be a lock in. I will be surprised if the PS3 price is dropped down to $299.