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No way MS will let alan wake, splinter cell and mass effect compete with each other

But war... war never changes

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I find this article rather ill-informed (and not just because it sees fit to narrowly define "the gaming season" as PS360 titles), but also because it's overestimating Modern Warfare 2's role in all of this, and using that leap in logic to justify a rant against Activision.


There's no evidence that these companies are fleeing Modern Warfare 2. I mean, it's just one FPS, no matter how big. The only games that should be worried were any other FPSes releasing this holiday season, and there's no valid reason to claim that the rest of the games that have fled due to MW2

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

There are plenty of reasons to dislike Activision (mostly on their CEO's attitude, IMO) but this isn't really one of them. If anything, I'll thank Activision for helping to break the holiday rush up. And, barring Duke Nukem Forever-esque antics, I'd prefer to see a game delayed, in general. I have plenty of games to play, and a delay is temporary, while a good game is forever.

I don't think everyone is as scared of MW2 as people think.
It seems laughable that this one game has everyone else on the run.

"Of course now, all signs are pointing to a price cut in Cologne at GAMESCom in just a couple of weeks time. However, the fact that Activision did that, only to hike the price up for Modern Warfare 2 in the UK, would be seen as sheer hypocrisy."

Eh? How could they do something that hasn't been done and is just speculation? And are they saying it's only the UK that the prices is being hiked up?
That seems like bull.
If it is and it's region free like the rest of the CoD games then I'll be importing again.

Also I'm seeing ads for white castle. Thought that was a made up franchise in harold and kumar

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The last thing we need is another EA clone.

The Modern Warfare 2 price hike is just in the UK, it's £55 here, $60 or 60 euros

Oh, please. Activision is to blame because developers are too cowardly to go up against a game nothing like theirs in a completely different genre? Most of them were probably delayed because they weren't ready, the others because of the crowded holiday season in general. How many of the delayed games were FPS?

As for the price hike though, I'll agree that that's annoying. Although, isn't RRP £49.99? This gets slashed down to £39.99, and indeed MW2 has been cut down to £44.99, so it's £5 more than normal.

I'm not the biggest fan of Activision *cough Bobby Kotick cough*, but the author is being a bit of a drama queen here.

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How about this? Don't buy their music games. There's a good competitor to those, and that's where they make a lot of their money.



PullusPardus said:
Stop buying Call of duty for goodness sake. there are much better stuff to waste your money on.

btw i agree with this post. EA is going down on my list of worst devs and Activision toke their place.

As much as I dislike Activision, I'm not going to stay away from what is currently the best FPS series on the market because I dislike the parent company of the developer- Infinity Ward are awesome, they actually made a great looking, 60fps PS3 game in 2007 with no bugs.

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