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I wonder if that gloss is really that expensive. And they took out the motion detecting buttons etc. I wonder how much that'll save... Hmmm

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Yes, the gloss is really expensive, the mold for it could cost hundreds of thousands if not a little over a million dollars to make, then the rejection rate for the plastic parts are also higher because gloss shows blemishes very well, whereas matte will hide smaller imperfections.

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Don't forget your helmet there, Master Chief!

Other than the change from gloss/piano black to that grainy matte finish, the Slim model looks good. A lot nicer than PS3 regular.

Sony just recently responded saying they dont comment on rumors and speculation, so yes its likely real



The hell??? Is this the same?? www.sankakucomplex.com/2009/07/14/slim-ps3-video-emerges/