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Your gaming regrets thread

I thought this would make a good little topic on here, what gaming regrets do you have? name your top 5, all console owners and PC owners are welcome, flaming won't be tolerated in this thread so please all get along!


Here are mine:

1, Owning a 360 but not started using xbox live for over 6 months!

2, Only just recently tried Team Fortress 2, now hardly anyone plays it online (360)

3, Not giving more time for LittleBigPlanet.

4, Not getting into Halo 3 earlier.

5, Owning Call Of Duty 4 but not actually playing the multiplayer for over a year!



What are yours?

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Not buying the International Zodiac Job version of FFXII as opposed to the original Japanese Version. The later one had English voice acting in English and a Job system to boot.

I can only name one off the top of my head and that is selling my launch 360 5 months after launch because there wasn't enough games for me, my wii tided me over pretty good until the gaming drought of last year so i bought another 360 and spent a shedload of cash to pick up all the amazing games i missed out on spurred on by the release of lost odyssey

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note: my games collection on my profile is only 20ish% complete, i've got a boatload of 360,saturn and dreamcast games to add and a few ps3 games, thanks :)


I bought Crash of the Titans at full price.

*leaves in shame*

Carl2291 said:
I bought Crash of the Titans at full price.

*leaves in shame*

*points and laugh*


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1. Buying a Jaguar and a bunch of games back in the day. (Screw you Kasumi Ninja)

2. Getting rid of my Dreamcast.

3. Recently buying The Conduit.

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Carl2291 said:
I bought Crash of the Titans at full price.

*leaves in shame*


1.) Getting rid of 80% of my N64 library.

2.) Getting rid of my Genesis and NES.

3.) Still owning Enchanted Arms.

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1.) Not getting Res 4 until this gen

2.) Endless Ocean. (/thread)

3.) Getting RRoD 4 times >_> Not that i could have prevented it  I suppose...

4.) Not having Doom on every console I own (Damn you DS homebrew for crapping out on me!)

5.) For not being able to play through Vesperia a 4th time

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Not buying a 360 sooner for more people playing CoD2, Getting rid of a few games like CoD2 Assassin's Creed etc. , Not diving into WoW sooner (stopped playing 'cause expansion made the original story under-appreciated), and letting my old friend have my 64 for so long :(.

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