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ioi said:
Potentially, but adjustments could be over 3 years

Why not.

Just a remark, chart track is supposed to track 90% of the UK market. So it's certainly the better tracker in the world, so how can it be possible they make so big mistake to estimate the 10% they don't track. I think particulary to the DSI which was preliminary tracked at 100k during its first week and then at 92k.

If with the coverage they really track, they had obtain 90k sales, they could have extrapolate to 100k for the entire UK market, and so they have primary estimate to 10k the sales they don't know. But with their adjustement next, they give 92k, and so they change the 10k by 2k (or it's absolutely not that!!!!). It's enormous i find.

What do you think about that?

Edit: it's certainly not that, because, it's 103,000 and not 100,000, as i thought remember:


Update: Chart-Track has now revised its figures for the DSi launch, down from 103,000 to 92,000 units.


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thats a fair point and why i dont get the big "adjustments" (if thats what they are) for the 360 for instance?

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@kowenicki - why don't you get it?

lombard has just shown how, despite tracking 90% of the UK market, ChartTrack adjusted their initial 103k figure for the DSi launch down to 92k a few days later.

I have no idea if figures have been adjusted but this is the danger when talking reported LTD figures at various points (especially ones rounded to the nearest 100k!) and taking them away from one another to estimate sales between the two points. As well as the inherant margins of error due to the rounding at each end you have the fact that adjustments could have been made between both data releases, not to mention typos etc.

Like I say, let's wait and see what I hear back from Dorian - I've asked if they can provide the actual first half 2009 figures.


fair enough....

I'm not really here!

Link: Shipment History Since 1995

This is all very exciting and am looking forward to the clarification.

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ioi said:

Anyone who thinks 360 has outsold DS in the last 5 months in the UK is delusional.

Common sense tells me that 600k Xbox360 vs 400k DS vs 300k Wii isn't correct.

Exactly what I have been saying when I saw those numbers.  I don't see anyway the 360 could be outselling the DS and anyway PS3 could be selling as much as Wii.

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Not sure I'd use the word exciting - confusing and making us look bad are probably more accurate descriptions

ioi said:

Sure, there is no denying that Wii has dropped off a lot (more than we have it dropping off in Europe) but it is the apparent Xbox360 "boost" and poor DS sales that are most illogical in these figures...


Offficial GfK numbers from France put Xbox 360 up 50% YoY through May, official GfK numbers but Xbox 360 at up 127% through March in Switzerland. In Japan Xbox 360 numbers are up over 200% YoY, I really don't see anything illogical about the UK Xbox 360 numbers. When you take rounding in to account these figures are well inside what we have seen in other countries.



To be fair about the DS:

Since GfK rounds, and they are tracking TWO DS properties, it does not mean that the Xbox 360 beat the DS 2:1. For all we know, both DSes sold closer to 400,000 but were rounded down.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

@BKK2 - Uk saw the smallest boost back at the end of last year following the price cut since 360 sales were already so strong over here. 360 was all but dead everywhere outside of the UK this time last year.

I know that 360 is up YOY - our data shows that as does that graph posted from Nintendo's briefing - I haven't disputed that. 600k in 5 months would mean that 360 has been selling about 50% in the UK of what it has been selling in the US (with less than 20% of the population). Also sales always slow in April and May from Feb and March (back to Nintendo's graph).

We've already said that the DS figure could be as high as 550k if the rounding works in your favour but even then the 360 figure still seems unreasonable.