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SMB3 - 30
SMW - 25

Yeah! 30!

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SMB3 - 31
SMW - 25

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When I used to go back for another play through I chose SMB3 twice as much as World so it gets my vote. I can't even properly explain why. (Holy crap I posted in a thread thats not the Brawl thread <.<;)

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this survey is bullshit and your all crazy

Yoshi cries....................

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come on Yoshi no need to cry


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This one's for the Yoshis!

I don't know if SMW will be able to catch up. It seems to have fallen behind, and there may be a shortage of voters soon.

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Woo! Lets go SMB3!

^click the license to level it up! Please, and thanks in advance!



yay SMW might catch up. we need more voters

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NO! SMW must not be able to catch up!!! >:-[

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