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Necromunda said:
Pyramid Head said:
thats funny sounding, game journalists are such dorks.

itd be funny if i was there, just booing away at a game i would never buy, or even play if it was given to me

id play it for 20 bucks an hour maybe

Thanks for your pointless reply, we just love these on this forum.


dont mean to be trolling

i am a final fantasy hater i admit it.

but yeh i thought we were discussing that hilarious reaction, which i did.

i'll leave this discussion now tho, no worries.

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Everyone started to laugh when he said it will be in 2010 then cheering until the words Online popped up...

Former something....


Edit: Online?!

Online! What the hell! /anger /dissapointment

lol, that was just how I reacted.

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ZenfoldorVGI said:
Online! What the hell! /anger /dissapointment

lol, that was just how I reacted.

If you played 11 you would notice almost immediatly based upon the style and characters that it was going to be a new online installment.

I knew for a fact when they had the "Join hands once again" spot.

I am quite interested in this game and can't wait to see how this unfolds.

And I am going to stick to my statement that if this game is F2P without subscriptions its going to be huge.

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Zizzla_Rachet said:
sega4life said:
Zizzla_Rachet said:
I wonder how people felt after it's exclusivity being false

 when he said "PS3 is the only console you can play FF14 on" ?

E3 09: Sony Announces FFXIV Exclusively for the PS3 [updated]

Not the actual FFXIV logo, sorry.


Sony dropped a bombshell of an announcement just moments ago at their E3 Press Conference. After a trailer for FFXIII rolled, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton cooly announces that Square Enix are working on the next iteration of Final Fantasy, saying that it is a PS3 Exclusive being released in 2010. So the first ever trailer rolls for Final Fantasy XIV, and at the end it is revealed to be the next online Final Fantasy game. Awesome announcement, but since I’m not really too big a fan of MMOs, I’m a bit let down by the announcement in general.

Update: Yeah, sorry about that guys. I got excited by the news when Sony announced it at their press conference, but apparently FFXIV is also scheduled to be released on the PC as well.

Source via Destructoid








Excellent find, especially since you didn't wipe out anything that sega4life quotes. The article is partially wrong in its writing. It's right that it is exclusive to the PS3 (what Jack tretton said) but not that it is solely exclusive to the PS3 (in the way that only the PS3 will get it). Since many people on this site consider pc/ 360 games to be 360 exclusives, then this is also a PS3 exclusive in that regard. On the other hand, you can't say that Jack Tretton announced it as an exclusive, since the little video shows that he said "PS3 is the only console you can play FF XIV on".

soulsamurai said:

Think i was the only guy who saw that coming. I wasn't expecting it but be at E3, but the second i saw it in action i knew what it was.

The "main character" you see was also used for FFXI. They could have pry just done and FFXI-2 like they did with ffx lol.

Not really. Many expected that we would not see a FFXIV this generation or very late (2014-2015). They couldn't do anything else than making it a MMO.

This was kind of big news for the games media in China who is an country who is into MMO's.


I think they're doing something similar to the PS2 era: FFX, FFX-2, FFXII as JRPGs, and FFXI as an MMORPG... This time they're doing FFXIII, FFvsXIII and possibly FFXV (i think 2012) as JRPGs and FFXIV as MMORPG...

The difference between this era and the PS2 one is that a hard drive and a strong online service were not default on the PS2 (and of course, online was famous only on PC, at least until Halo on Xbox), that limited the market for this game a lot... Now it's different, every PS3 comes with a hard drive and PSN and online multiplayer is practically a must now, this game could push MMORPGs on consoles like Halo pushed FPSs on consoles, we'll now when it comes out...

Zizzla, you failed.

Watch the actual conference. He said "Playstation 3 is the only console you'll be able to play Final Fantasy XIV on when it launches in 2010."

PC is not a console.

There can be a 360 version in 2011 and his statement is still correct.

It is not Sony's fault for gaming media to fail.

im not an MMO guy, but if i were to get into the genre it would definitely be FFIV :)