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...then the nightmare of all for third parties, frankly, is the Wii. The Wii is a Monopoly box in a closet! I've got my Wii Sports and I'm good! I take it out, get the family around, we flail around for a couple hours, and we're happy until next month when we take it out, or maybe for junior's birthday, I'm going to buy him a Mario game." - Danny Bilson, SVP of creative development at THQ

Mr. Bilson went on to discuss Wii support, and how THQ was at one time bringing over hardcore titles, but have since stopped that.

"(We plan to) greenlight more Wii games: family, casual, get everyone on the couch games. I'm a big believer in that. Right now, we're not moving hardcore stuff to the Wii. We were; we stopped it, just because we're a little risk averse. I want to be with the culture of the Monopoly box in the closet – I've got to feed them. I've got to get them to want to buy another game, because they're not the gamers that are looking forward to the next thing next week in putting in the pre-orders and all that."



I really can't understand how developers / publishers think anymore. Even if THQ is right and 3rd party sell nothing on Wii, even if all Wii install base is casuals buying no games, how can you possibly OUTRIGHT INSULT the very customer group you're aiming at? It's a basic marketing / business principle!!! 

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It's like the whole world has resorted to blatant trolling :x

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I'd say that's thanks to the reception of deadly creatures and the economy. But basing your decision on deadly creatures?? That game wouldn't sell on any system.

"Pier was a chef, a gifted and respected chef who made millions selling his dishes to the residents of New York City and Boston, he even had a famous jingle playing in those cities that everyone knew by heart. He also had a restaurant in Los Angeles, but not expecting LA to have such a massive population he only used his name on that restaurant and left it to his least capable and cheapest chefs. While his New York restaurant sold kobe beef for $100 and his Boston restaurant sold lobster for $50, his LA restaurant sold cheap hotdogs for $30. Initially these hot dogs sold fairly well because residents of los angeles were starving for good food and hoped that the famous name would denote a high quality, but most were disappointed with what they ate. Seeing the success of his cheap hot dogs in LA, Pier thought "why bother giving Los Angeles quality meats when I can oversell them on cheap hotdogs forever, and since I don't care about the product anyways, why bother advertising them? So Pier continued to only sell cheap hotdogs in LA and was surprised to see that they no longer sold. Pier's conclusion? Residents of Los Angeles don't like food."

"The so-called "hardcore" gamer is a marketing brainwashed, innovation shunting, self-righteous idiot who pays videogame makers far too much money than what is delivered."

unfortunately - i've beginning to think along the same lines, the only people I know at work (apart from myself) who actually switch the Wii on at regular intervals these days is the women on diets with their Wii fits etc.

Really sad cos I love the controller and two thirds of my current gens game collection are Wii games.

I feel us hardcore Wii gamers are a dying breed.


Majin-Tenshinhan said:
It's like the whole world has resorted to blatant trolling :x

but when the whole world says it is it still trolling?

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I'd say... Nice move, THQ, we don't need your shitty games.

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LOL... by hardcore stuff they mean... Deadly Creatures??? LOL



In completely unrelated news THQ has posted a loss of $431 Million in 2009 due to the rising costs associated with the high development cost and poor sales of their HD games ...



Well, if you want an AAA game on the targeted console the first thing is to invest enough money in that game. I don't see that THQ did that. De Blob was good, but i doubt it was expensive to make. And i bet that they are making nice profit on it atm.
Deadly creatures was a niche title, and we all know that niche title can't sell great amounts.

Gaming market is a competitive market, some float while others sink. Biterness is irellevant.


wait... THQ brought hardcore games to the Wii?

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