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Fair enough, but i still don't see it as a disadvantage to have it as an option. Some of the bugs and balancing issues that shipped with L4D were absolutely horrendous.

In regards to voice chat, this is the sort of game that benefits greatly from well-implemented voice chat. Not being able to chat with people not on your friends list is a huge disadvantage, and that's why I'm more interested to hear about the local MP aspect of this game. If you mute most people anyway though I doubt you care

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ameratsu said:
I have the PC version of L4D and it's a rare occasion that I have to mute somebody. It happens, but most people want to play the game. I haven't ever played online on x360. What's true on XBL doesn't carry across to all platforms.

You're trying to tell me ability to implement patches is a bad idea, with Mario Kart online cheating still occurring? All it takes is one bad exploit to make the griefers and asses come out of the woodwork to ruin the game.

I have 3000 wins online on mario kart and I have yet to see a single hacker and so do all my friends. Play it first?


I like the dedicated servers with steam and all since it provides better game play in general but people also cheat with them to get achievements =X other than that, dedicated servers are better indeed.

ameratsu said:
famousringo said:

ased on the current description, features this game has over L4D:

- characters have different skill sets

- some kind of leveling system

- NPCs to rescue

- some focus on melee combat, at least for some characters

Features L4D has over this game:

- versus mode

Did I miss anything?

I have a lot of beefs with L4D, including the very repetitive gameplay, so there are quite a few things that HVS might do to improve the formula. This game looks like it will have a longer dev cycle than any of their other games, so I think they have an actual shot of one-upping L4D. Of course, it helps that Valve already broke ground on this FPS concept.


Don't get ahead of yourself now. The concept is good, and the additional features sound like they'll add a lot to the game. I don't understand your repetiton complaints about L4D as it's one game with an absolutely massive amount of replay value, but on the same page I also don't get how you think this game will be any different in terms of repetition. The AI Director + Versus mode (and I doubt you actually touched versus mode for more than half an hour) make the game a blast to play, even on the same maps dozens of times. This game is lacking the best mode of L4D, and some of the actual problems that L4D has such as shitty computer teammate AI and some questionable balancing choices aren't going to be easily solved. There will also be problems L4D didn't have added when a multiplayer centric game is made for the Wii's relatively unfriendly online system.

edit: i don't get why it's bold above, but it won't let me unbold it.

I don't think your list is very fair. Features that L4D will most likely have over this game:

- Chat support with people who aren't on your friends list
- Dedicated server support
- The ability to implement balancing patches/online bug fixes
- Custom / user-made campaign and map support

that's just off the top of my head

There's a reason I asked if I missed anything. :)

I was going more for core gameplay features, whereas a couple items on your list are more like better implementations of features Grinder will have, rather than unique features. You're very correct about L4D's ability to include aditional/future content from Valve or from users, though.

I'm not trying to jump to any conclusions that Grinder will be a better game than L4D, I just think HVS has a chance. For comparison, I don't think they had the experience or development time to make Conduit a better game than Half-life 2. With Grinder, HVS has experience working on an FPS, experience working with the platform and engine, and they have a (probably very basic) demo up and running 18 months before their planned release. The Conduit's entire dev cycle was little more than 18 months.

As for what HVS mght do about the repetitiveness, well, who knows what kinds of things HVS might do to break up the gameplay? Adding more enemy types is an obvious method. I expect that the game will play very differently depending on which character you're using, as well. They could add puzzles which have to be solved by one player while the other guard his/her back, car chases or other vehicles, escort missions... I just want more variety than L4D offers.

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This one looks much more interesting than Gladiator AD.

HVS is really awesome. :)

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More interested in this and Gladiator vs The Conduit. V_V

But I may get The Conduit because I'm filthy rich anyway.

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The Official Huge Monster Hunter Thread: 

The Hunt Begins 4/20/2010 =D

Damn! HVS has been announcing a lot of great looking games lately.

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am i the only one looking forward to gladiator more? that one seems very different unlike this one

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am i the only one looking forward to gladiator more? that one seems very different unlike this one

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proud soldier of nintopia


This game sounds awesome, and I was a fan of the Hunter games so count me in.

I sure hope it kicks ass and sells well, so HVS can make even more Wii games