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TWRoO said:
@Diomedes It has already been stated by Sony that the 5.5 mil is not the same reporting method as what they do now, i'm sure you've been told enough times.
on the last financial report [end of june] sony had retailer sales at 4.28 million, and you cannot read consumer sales into a financial report. In fact everything tied together with that report... they had retail sales at 4.28mil, the 3 months prior [1st quarter] they had 0.71mil retail sales, meaning as of April 1st 07 retailers had bought just 3.57million.
there is no way you can spin the 5.5 million number into meaning retail sales.

if you read the thread about the Financial Times report you'd have seen vgc has the numbers pretty damn close.... for instance the FT report added NPD and GfK numbers up till the end of July and Media Create till end of August and got 9m Wii, 8.9m 360 and 3.7m ps3.
if you do the same with vgc numbers [minus UK figures because GfK doesn't track them] you get almost exactly the same with about 9m 360 [slightly over] 3.7m ps3 [bang on] and 9.2m Wii [overtracked by 200k, which is not too significant but it is over]

so thats 3.7m as of 7 weeks ago [3 weeks for Jp]..... are you saying ps3 has sold 1.5 million in 7 weeks? those are Wii numbers. try lie [or argue if you are still not taking it in] you way out of that.

sorry to disappoint you, but Diomedes won't respond in this thread ever again. He'll read your post, realise he's completely wrong, leave the thread completely, and then just spout the same bullshit in another thread and hope no one catches him out on it again.

He's been doing it for so long now it's obvious what his pattern is. 


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I'm bookmarking this thread so that the next time Hus or Diomedes tries to pull this number stuff again, I can point them back to having been told the truth repeatedly by several posters in this thread.

Can't hide from ignorance now fellas.

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Though I know that VGcharts is not spot on , its hard to bealive those numbers to ... still I find it hard to bealive that the PSP is out with 3 million units at retailers :?

^if you look at the shipment figures in the "worldwide" tab, you'll see Sony doesn't seem to keep shipments going at a steady rate, with huge shipments followed by tiny shipments... this also, as a lot of people have realised, happened with the 360 christmas numbers (10.4million to retailers, barely 8mil sold)

Well the price cut for the 80GB will help sell the 11 million, I see them selling roughly 8 - 9 million of that after the 80GB drops in price because we all know the 60GB is selling way more then the 80GB.

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ssj12 said:
Well the price cut for the 80GB will help sell the 11 million, I see them selling roughly 8 - 9 million of that after the 80GB drops in price because we all know the 60GB is selling way more then the 80GB.

Between a price drop, and a price drop WITH rumble controller, I'd wait for the latter.  I'll be surprised if it reaches 8-9M by end of the year.

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I have said it before and I will stick by it. The PS3 will have a total userbase of 6.5 to 7.5 million by the end of this year. No way it hits 8 million for the year.

As for Diomedes, I have given up on him long ago. I used to respect him as a poster until the PS3 came out in Europe had a good launch week and promptly nosedived in sales. He has been in denial every since that nose dive either that or he is delusional. Its a shame really. He was a pretty good poster until it became rather obvious that the PS3 would struggle this gen and not finish in second, let alone first.

^ i doubt it will be much lower than 7.5mil, i'm expecting about 8mil [with 14m-15m for 360 and 17m-18m for Wii] if the 80G is dropped to $400 before xmas [+Eu price drop] i would expect 8.5-9mil, but i doubt that, there might be an Eu drop for xmas but in US i half expect the price to remain as it is now, and half expect both models to drop $100 [to help clear the 60G]

and i have argued against diomedes before but as it was in the comments sections of the charts i hadn't really been expecting an answer.... looking at some of his earliest posts he was still arguing against the site but being much nicer about it. [rather than telling ioi to change his numbers everytime a sony executive opens his mouth]

Yojimbo said:
haha good luck Sony with reaching 11 million shipped this year with 5 million shipped console now :D

 Yeah, Sony will try to do what MS did last year, flood the channel and then claim victory in January.

I actually think Hus and Diomedes are both loyal members of the SDF and just doing their part to make sony fans look bad.

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