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[Quote="Kaz"] So where do the PlayStation platforms stand? PS2 is sitting pretty at over 120 million units sold. PSP is at a respectable 26 million sold, with 30 million expected to be surpassed shortly.

So where does that leave PS3? According to Kaz, PS3 has sold in between 5 and 6 million units, leaning slightly towards the 5 million end.

Expectations are high for the holidays however - Sony expects to reach 11 million PS3's by the end of the year. We reckon reaching that goal without a price cut will be a challenge and perhaps even miracle. [/Quote]

How is this possible, kaz is saying PS3 is slowly reaching 6 Million units but Vgchart is saying 4.X million. Is Vg going to update there numbers ?

im not here to bash or anything, im just curious. 

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Well.....I hear that these charts sometimes don't include a lot of the European figures....maybe thats the offset, if there is one.


Shipped (Sold) number to Retailers, not sold to Consumers.


I am pretty sure there's a notice on the front page about this 

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1 word: RTFA

We really need a FAQ. Sold to retailers > Sold to consumers

Sony reports sold to Retailers.


VGChartz reports sold to Consumers. 

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Why do you bother arguing with him? He has one whole post and I doubt he'll ever be back.

Also Sony doesnt want to ship less units than the 360 did in its first year.
Or they at least are not ready to admit it.

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twesterm said:
Why do you bother arguing with him? He has one whole post and I doubt he'll ever be back.

 We are just helping him and show him that we are not all *** Wii fanboys