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Zlejedi said:
So does this confirm sequel will be anounced at this year E3 as big Nintendo game for core audience? :D

Please no.  There should never ever be another Wii Music.  Actually there should never have been a Wii Music in the first place but we can't change the past but at least we can hope for a better future.


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Two points

One - Why are we discussing this - again? Wii Music is a dead horse subject already.

Two - As I stated even prior to it's release Wii Music suffers because it requires the user to have some musical ability.

If you are a musically inclined, and give the game enough time to understand how it really works you will like, or perhaps even love the game. May even find it addictive.

If you do not have native musical ability, this is nothing more than a noisemaker as you are not capable of creating music and therefore it's a stupid and worthless game. The majoirty of people, including myself, fall into this catagory and would prefer Guitar Hero because that enables us to feel like we have talent when we don't.


Killergran said:

To illustrate what I mean by 'bad reviews', here are some nuggets from Gamerevolutions Wii Music review:

No matter what song or instrument you play, everyone’s always in tune and on tempo.
This is wrong. You are always in tune, but the real challange to music is often to coordinate your tempo with everyone else playing.
In Wii Music, there’s nothing to learn, nothing at stake, nothing to win. You’ll never sound better or worse than you do during your first minute of play.
If you practice, you can create music. If you don't, it's just noise. And that's the entire point of Wii Music.
Even five-year-olds need some stimulation and sense of achievement. Wii Music provides neither.
Again, if you practice, you'll get better. That's how music works. If you need highscores to give you a sense of achievment, you've been brainwashed by gaming too much.

And some from the Gamesradar review:

This brings us to the biggest, most disappointing way Wii Music resembles a toy more than a game: Its open-ended, rule-lacking simplicity. You literally can’t lose.
When I play my guitar I cannot loose either. But I could play earsplittingly bad, and in my opinion, that's worse.
A music game with such a strong auto-pilot that you don’t usually do much, and what you do doesn’t really matter or look or sound all that cool. It’s a fair party game - there’s a certain novelty charm to seeing a roomful of people gyrating and gesticulating along to the music.
  There's so much wrong with this quote I don't know where to start. Auto-pilot? What you do really doesn't matter? It's fun to watch people Waggle? I dare you to find another game that gives you the opportunity to create music with your friends in realtime.

These reviewers did not review Wii Music from what it is supposed to do, but from what they think a game is supposed to be. Just as the IGN review of Football Manager reviewed the game from what he thought a soccer game should be, and not for what it really was. That review was withdrawn, but the Wii Music reviews are considered fair?


I see Killergran's beaten me to the punch. All I can add is that I've played the game extensively and found it very enjoyable. I'm only sad that it hasn't sold more.


Naum said:
Hahah what a great thread, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside knowing so many "gamers" hate this game and how much it have sold.

I bet not even a 1/4 you have even played this game adn you who have can't have played it more then 1-2 hours and then finding out it was too hard for you.


this, Wii Music is first game for trully hardcore gamers that can spend hundreds hours on this title to achieve somethin. i have this game for a few months already and i still didn't master even 1/4 of the instruments and this is the game i spended most time since i bought it.

game was trashed only by reviewers who didn't know how to play this game cause there was plenty good and gread reviews of this game.

Bad reviews by people who obviously didn't know how to play this game:

Variety 4/10:

"While it is a good way for individuals to learn different musical styles, Wii Music lacks the simplicity and vicarious thrills of "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band," and likely won't attract nearly as many groupies."

Game Informer 3/10:

"Thank God. Now I can stop pretending that I was having fun rocking out to Metallica and live my dream of playing backup cowbell in a cruise ship band version of “Yankee Doodle.”"


"Make a music game, but dispense with all that “skill” and actual gameplay nonsense" - makes me wonder since when skill in music games means pushing the buttons as fast as possible wihout even knowing why or having a slightest thing called rhythm?

Gameplanet 4/10:

"Ever wanted to wave your arms around to the polyphonic ringtones on your phone? Me neither. Welcome to the world of Wii Music."

Game Revolution 2.5/10:

"But really, there’s no point to my taking Wii Music seriously as a game since Nintendo obviously doesn’t. If the game sells well, it probably has more to due with Nintendo’s tremendously effective marketing skills rather than anything inherent to Wii Music as a game. Even five-year-olds need some stimulation and sense of achievement. Wii Music provides neither."

good reviews by people who actually played the game and gave it a chance before calling it a crap from the beginning:

1UP 9/10:

"Wii Music may have a hard time winning over the skeptics who just want to laugh at it, but give the game the chance it deserves. You just might realize it's pretty damn fun being in on the joke."

Zentendo 8/10:

"Give Wii Music a try if you're growing lethargic of repeating the same songs in the same way over and over -- you might learn something about how music composition works, and you may discover your more creative side. Compared to other games of the genre and casual games in general, Wii Music is really more of a basic creative canvas than a "melt-your-fingers-off" game, but it enables its players to do a lot with a little and to do it nearly however they want -- it pulls this all off with a relative amount of finesse, too."

NintendoWorldReport 7/10:

"The game is a great learning tool for the musically inexperienced. It teaches rhythm and music composition, and helps foster creativity. Its focus is totally different from the more typical rhythm games, and it accomplishes its goal. However, the game is not meant for solo play and isn't really suited for the more musically apt, either."

Wii Music really isn't bad, I'm not sure why it gets a reputation for being a bad game. It just isn't good either. It's somewhere in the middle, and while some people might go crazy over it, the people I played it with who apparently should of loved it didn't get it at all and thought it was stupid. I can see how people trained in music would love this, but for a pick up and play game that doesn't require a huge chunk of time to learn (consistent with the Wii brand) it fails miserably. It definitely isn't for everyone, not by a long shot, so this game selling 2.65 million (and counting) is actually pretty impressive.

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Truthfully, I thought Wii Music was fun..........now if I can only find it....

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I still think Wii Music looks like loads of fun, so I'm happy it's sold well.


"Looks" and "is" are two different things.

Oh, so you've actually played it and hate it? Cool.


I played it at gamestop. Its a terrible game.

So you're basing your opinion upon what, at most 15 minutes of playtime at a gamestop? I'm sure that's very credible. I own the game and I enjoy it very much, it's one of the few games of which whenever I see someone else playing it, I have this enourmous urge to join them. I don't know why, but it's a fun game to experiment with in single player, and a blast to butcher, or attempt to recreate amazing songs with multiple people.


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Looks like i have a lot more people on my side. 43 professional reviewers, 77 users, and the rest of the internet.


SO i guess is ok to kill 6 million people, just because a whole nation supports and agrees with an idea.

Someone around here had something like this in their sig for awhile (I can't remember who right now):

Wii Music is to Guitar Hero as first person shooters are to rail shooters.

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yes wii music and game like it are the future if you want to make money, just put wii on the title

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