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Xxain said:
but is TOV 60 hours???

Yeah its 60 hours but 60 hours of pure awesomeness.


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theARTIST0017 said:
This is my second most anticipated Wii games which is amazing because the Tales series is my favorite series of games ( non-nintendo). My number one is Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Looks like a friggin 360 game on Wii. It pushes the bar past RE4 on the Cube.


 Have you played Tales of the Abyss or Tales of Vesperia?

This and Crystal Bearers are my two most anticipated games!! Hopefully at least one of them will be released in 09...

g-value said:
Xxain said:
but is TOV 60 hours???

Yeah its 60 hours but 60 hour of pure awesomeness.


g-Value you have greatly contributed to my TOV inticipation and probably others 2....man I hope your right, i mean im goin in there with the mindset that this will be the best Xp ever...

Welp, I played Symphonia well over 70 hours and Abyss just under that, so I'll probably end up playing Graces that long no matter what.

What of the only series that still engages me enough to not actually finish the games, but do a lot of the extra stuff.

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Awesome, I love long stories.

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The longer, the better. No innuendo intended.

Anyway, it seems like Asbel is Lloyd with common sense and self-control, based on the profile in the first post. I liked Lloyd, so I'll probably like Asbel. He's not as kawaii, but the white outfit makes up for it. :3

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The longer the better.

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he always fights alone???

Sounds good so far... Now get it to us Europeans quickly :p

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