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PS3 mainly because I'm more interested in it's game like...

Uncharted 2/1

and also some multiplat games.

I support Xbox.

PS3 - Sony's first party efforts.

Wii - for the very same reasons I bought N64 and Gamecube:


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Ah! and DS for Nintendo's games and JRPG's.

PS3: the quality of the hardware and the exclusive games... amazing!


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Xbox 360: Dead Rising, Perfect Dark Zero, Condemned, and the promise of Halo 3 were the big ones for me.

PS3: Was a graduation present.

Wii: I absolutely love Nintendo, and they never disappoint me. Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy, Red Steel (which turned out to disappoint), a new Smash Bros game, and the promise of new forms of immersion which are just being realized with games like Silent Hill and The Conduit.

DS: Just felt like buying it on the first day, though the Prime Hunters demo and the promise of a portable Mario 64 helped.

PSP (since sold): Was a present when I was in a bad place in life, but I did really enjoy Twisted Metal: Head-On and was attracted by having a movie player in my pocket.

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Brawl. Or I'll still be playing my Gamecube.

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