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I own a 360 too.. Not that it really has anything to do with it all. From my opinion, it comes off that he's biased against the PS3. You can fight it all you want, but it's what I see and I won't accept yours or anyone else explanation on it. The main reason why I say that and why others view it as being biased is because it's nothing but negativity and little constructive criticism. If the critcism was constructive and not bashing of Sony, then I wouldn't have that viewpoint of him. It could be that many out there who see it differently are those who are biased towards another system or company.

Gelmer, comparing UMD as the next DVD is just silly. It is and was a format that was used for the PSP primarily for games, but they saw a niche market that would buy movies on UMD to play in the PSP. I don't consider the device a failure, I just consider the strategy they used as a failure. The focus on UMD movies should have been small. Heck, it would have been great if they created a drive that consumers could use to copy movies they own onto a UMD and use when traveling to watch movies. Make it a re-writeable drive as well so they can just copy over movies they copied before. But, I guess that with the costs on the memory sticks dropping fast and getting alot for a small price people now have a tool they can do that with now and it's fairly inexpensive.


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Shams is downright polite and agreeable compared to ckmlb's one liners.

Damn, how did this come to a discussion about HD?
Anyway, talking about HD, my opinion, from the start, is that people talking about HD penetration in whatever years are deluded. My only explanation is they are graphic whores.

I'm in the home theater world since a long time, and if there's one thing I learned, it's that people (mainstream) don't buy new techno because the image is better. People that believe that are delusional, really.
People didn't buy DVD because the picture was better, but because it was more convenient. They discovered the better picture later.
People don't buy HDTV because the picture is better (in most situations it's worse), but because most are flat. BTW, even RPTV try to flatten as much as possible, emphasizing geometry problems that destroys the picture, but despite the lesser quality, they will sell better.
Finally, people have no reason to buy HDDVD or BluRay. NONE!
When I say people, I'm talking about all the mainstream people you need, to be a success in the video market. As long as people don't see a clear immediate difference without having to make a comparison with what they had before, there's no way picture quality will be an incentive.

That's why all HDTV sets are by default at some maximum white level that destroy your eyes. It's nowhere near a good setting, it's one of the worse actually, but it will catch your eye in the store.

I highly doubt what everyone is saying about certain parts of the PS3 being removed. The whole reason the 20 GB was phased out was because it wasn't as popular as the fully loaded 60 GB which had everything. I think people believed that the 60 GB SKU was the standard, but the price is nowhere near where they want it.

Supposedly the PS3 costs $639 to make now, and if Sony were to make a real price cut on the 80 GB for $400, it would put them back to their original plan to sell at a $240 loss. They would lose a lot of money as originally planned, but technically they can do this. I hope for the sake of any potential PS3 owner that Sony is able to cut costs without having to strip anything else on the console.

Gelmer and Dodece bring up two very good points.

HD penetration is still light years away from being main stream. This is because of 2 reasons that G & D brought up, convenience and price. First off the price is still ridiculously high that for (i'm in the US, so i'll stick to that) your average family who makes around 35k-45k a year, it's literally 2-3 weeks worth of pay just to enter into the HD market. Since the US as a country is in deep shit in terms of credit, this makes one of the easiest ways to afford HD much less of a viable option. So who is really buying these HDTV's; These HD-DVD/Blu-Ray players? The people who buy these kinds of products whether they can afford it or not.

Obviously the price is one concern for the mass market out there, but the convenience is definitely the biggest concern for consumers. It is not easy for Joe and Deb Homemaker to figure out how to set up there HDTV. They don't know they need HD programming to take advantage of the higher resolution. They are being bombarded by notions of "needing" 1080p, when in reality as long as you Have a 70" TV or less and sit no closer than 10' from it, your eyes WILL NOT be able to see the difference in quality. They don't know these things because it's not intuitive. How hard was it to switch from VHS to DVD? It wasn't. It was all NTSC 4:3 aspect ratio. You didn't have to change your settings on your DVD player or your cable box to match those of your TV. It just did it automatically. On the other hand, it's inconvenient for consumers to try to get the most out of thier HDTV equipment because there are just way too many variables to deal with. It's not just not intuitive.

Until they make it easy and cheap for everyone to figure it out, it will be many years before its adopted by the general public.

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Blu-ray won't help PS3 sales that much in it's first 5 years. Because there isn't a huge HD penetration. It's still to early for low prices like HD DVD. I do believe that Blu-ray will win the format war. FVD and EVD won't make it either. They are too late and I don't think they have the marketing budget to make it succesfull. Then there is HVD, it only has much more space than Blu-ray and HD DVD. Why would this be the new format? I still have high hopes for this disk, I think it should be introduced within 15 years from now. Around the 3dtv era.

Downloadable media will be niche in the upcoming years. Internet Speed is still too slow for HD content. Some countrys still have datalimits. The music industry still sells more thru warehouses, than online stores.

If the PS3 drops to $399, I will buy it as soon as good games come out for it.

TheBigFatJ said:
If the PS3 drops to $399, I will buy it as soon as good games come out for it.

And rumble (AVT).

I doubt Sony will release this 399 PS3 this winter. It seems like to quick of a price drop and to smart of a move by Sony. If they do end up going down this road I think that the shares they just opened is going to cover the early losses, which will then be replaced by blu-ray and game income.

Now onto Blu-ray vs HD-DVD

To think that Blu-ray is just one > DVD is to be very uninformed. HD-DVD may be one > DVD, but Blu-ray is a tru leap to a new generation of disk format. At this point in time HD has played all of its cards. If it becomes the format of choice we will have what we have right now for the next 10 years. However if Blu-ray wins we will see a disk format that has twice the life and will see improvments throughtout its life. Mitsubishi is already talking about being able to film 3D in HD, and the only format that can hold enoughf data is Blu-ray. Everything about blu-ray is way better than HD-DVD. Blu-ray has a 75% faster required read speed for all players, it is scalable to 5x the capacity of HD-DVD, and it has better copyright protection. Anyone that does not want to support these formats doesn't have a clue about them. The people that support HD-DVD are only jumping off a bridge into traffic. Blu-ray is a real leap in technology, and can be a great format for years to come.

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What are you even talking about? Most bluray uses the same VC-1 codec as HD DVD. Bluray max is 50gig. Well, guess what. HD DVD is now 51gig APPROVED. Plus, the yield rate is 95% for 30gig for HD DVD, BD25 is only 80%, and BD50 is 50-60%. All specs are set for HD DVD such as all players being web-enabled (firmware upgradable through the required ethernet port), PiP enabled and all the 1080p 2ndgen and up players support 1080p24. Plus, hardware is required to have trueHD support, unlike bluray which does PCM and trueHD is only optional. Which means even if a bluray disc has lossless uncompressed audio, it doesn't mean the player can output that. Bluray profile 1.1 player doesn't even exist yet and some smaller studios had to delay their release because of production problems with bluray and compatibility issues with all players currently in the market.  And don't even start with the $299 Funai.  The "prototype" they showed at CEDIA isn't even a working version so don't expect it this holiday season, whereas Venturer is already releasing a sub-$199MSRP HD DVD player.  (And don't forget a lot of WB films that are coming out on both bluray and HD DVD are not exactly the same.  All features bluray has, HD DVD has as well.  But it's not true the other way around since PiP is not ready yet, and BD-J is costly and difficult to code.)  Please get your facts straight before you make any outrageous claims.

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