Blu-ray won't help PS3 sales that much in it's first 5 years. Because there isn't a huge HD penetration. It's still to early for low prices like HD DVD. I do believe that Blu-ray will win the format war. FVD and EVD won't make it either. They are too late and I don't think they have the marketing budget to make it succesfull. Then there is HVD, it only has much more space than Blu-ray and HD DVD. Why would this be the new format? I still have high hopes for this disk, I think it should be introduced within 15 years from now. Around the 3dtv era.

Downloadable media will be niche in the upcoming years. Internet Speed is still too slow for HD content. Some countrys still have datalimits. The music industry still sells more thru warehouses, than online stores.