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I own a Wii.

For the 360, I'm waiting until ALL of the technical problems have been solved and cycled through, (so that buying a new one at the store isn't just an old one with an extra heatsink)... and also another price cut (Premium $249?)

For the PS3, I'm waiting for a $199 price.

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Most people cannot afford multiple consoles and get all the noteworthy games for each console. Most people do not have enough time to play all the noteworthy games across all consoles and beat those games.

Wanting everyone to do so is completely ridiculous.

I only own a Wii, but I will be buying a 360 at the next major price drop (hopefully this year). I have not bought another system (the 360) yet because of a combination of cost, time available to play games, red rings of death, and not enough titles I'm interested in. I bought the Wii first for the simple reason that it had the most games I wanted this year.

I will very likely not be buying a PS3 this generation. If I do not, this will mark the first generation that I have ever not purchased every major game console all the way back to the SNES and Genesis.  I even have a Dreacast and Saturn. 

Despite playing every other Final Fantasy game ever made, I think I'm finally to the point where there are enough other good (or better) RPGs that I just don't need to play it anymore. I haven't really enjoyed an FF game a whole lot in the last 10 years anyway (other than FFIX, my second favorite). Other than that my interests are just Folklore and Ratchet for things I can't get on the 360. If Sony decides to revive Dark Cloud and make Dark Cloud 3 on the PS3, then I'll buy one when it's $250 or less.

I only own a Wii because it's the console with the games that I appeal me the most. There is a chance I may buy a 360 down the line, if the hardware quality improves and my network operator supports its use as an STB (rumor has it there are talks to that end going on right now). That way, I can justify its price and pick up a few games. Otherwise, the Wii fulfills all my gaming needs - there are already a lot of interesting games I can't justify a purchase of for lack of time to play them.

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i only own a wii but will be at some point getting a 360. but i would definitely never pay over 300 for a system and definitely won't buy a 360 till they've fixed the problems with it, which will hopefully be done this fall with the new falcon chip structure or whatever. so once the 360 stops blowing up and probably when it hits $250 i'll get it. as of right now wii is all i need cuz honestly the 360 has like 3 good games out (although by the end of this year with eternal sonata, halo 3, assassin's creed, and mass effect its gonna be sweet), and i have several great wii games i gotta beat plus i've downloaded 10 vc titles and there are several more i want. also my roommate has the 360 so i'm set till i move out.

ps3... no way in hell. right now its got two interesting games on it (warhawk and resistance) and costs double what it should. of course in the end it'll have some great games but probably a lot less than the other two systems. so as long as ps4 is backwards compatible and is actually a non-insane price i don't ever have to get ps3 just like i never had to get ps1. i think for sony skipping every other generation seems to work well. of course if ps4 isn't backwards compatible then i probably will have to pick the ps3 up in like 5 years when the new systems are coming out and it'll "only" cost like 200 bucks.

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only own a Wii. I have zero interest in a PS3 or any games coming out for it. A couple of Xbox360 games mildly interest me but not really enough to justify the purchase. I think I am 98% likely to not buy another console

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I own a Wii, PS3, used to own a 360, DS, used to own a PSP, Gamecube, and an uprgaded Emachines AMD Athlon 64 - 3400+ 2gigs ram.

I only play my Wii and DS.

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.

I own a Wii and could buy over 100 PS3's if I so chose (that seems to be the thing to say now). Though I could easily buy 100 PS3's, I still think it's too expensive. If it had been cheeper when it launched. I may have actually bought one to go with the Wii, but since I've had the Wii since launch my collection of games is pretty large so I see no reason or need to buy a PS3 now.

The quirkier games the PS2 got last gen are now coming to the Wii, with the VC, First Party, 3rd Party etc games coming out that look quite fun. I can't imagine needing another system this gen (other then my trusty DS).

There are some cool PS3 games coming...  A PS3 owner will be well served. As a Wii owner...  it's like we're overloaded with the best of the best (VC games cover every sort of interest you could have in games).  Sometimes it's hard to choose what to get each Monday and Tuesday. 

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I have a Wii and a refurbished XBox 360 ...

I bought the XBox 360 because it was cheap ($200 US IIRC), I grew tired of upgrading my computer, I wanted to play several games (Dead Rising, Gears of War, Bioshock and NHL Hockey), and I thought XBox Live sounded cool. I've been heavily disaponted with the XBox 360 because I'm a social gamer and no non-gamers will touch the system, except for its top tier games I find the game library heavily over-hyped, the graphics are not that impressive as compared to my aged PC, and XBox Live makes "The Barrens Chat" seem like intelligent conversation and has the unfortunate side effect of forcing me to listen to 13 year old boys act cool by being as annoying as they can be.

Oh god, I haven't played WoW in a year and a half and I still remember "The Barrens Chat." Someone just had to bring that up >_<

"hoW I fIx Broken BoW???"