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Do you really want to talk about overrated games??......

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I mean to say that the dungeon design actually uses somehting akin to 3-D space and there are may, many diffrent ways to get through any given area, especially in the Palace of the Ocean King, particularly depending on your equipment.

Another thing is that though, yes, you do use an item in the dungeon in which you get it, you also use it in every dungeon thereafter. The puzzle design incorporates every single item in your inventory, even the shovel, which is great.

i think the things that make the zelda series NOT overrated are the following: it was the original genre defining game for action/adventure games in BOTH 2D and 3D. the zelda series is the scale against which all other games in the genre are compared with. it has revolutionized games in general more than once. most of the games in the series push the boundaries of what has been done in a game before. there aren't any games in the series that aren't great and every game is very fun. every game feels like an epic adventure.

legend of zelda, a link to the past, OoT, MM, WW, TP are all some of the best games i've ever played.

i think the only other series in gaming that can be praised this highly is mario.

all that said i think zelda is starting to lose some of its untouchable status recently because the series needs to be freshened up, i believe miyamato will bring it in the next zelda.

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makingmusic476 said:
Commando said:
OK. .. I guess I get a little stuumped on the two games bieng similar part.

I meant when I read it I chuckled because you went oon to say except for the wolf part and so forth,, and I was kinda of like "Close but way off" - Homer Simpson.

I dunno, its not that I'm trying to disagree with you, or I guess argue wth you rather. but I was just like ok.

I dunno to me, the wolf part makes it totally different, but they are both Zelda games and they are in 3D, so they are similar in that reguard. They also have many similar locations, so I dunno maybe I can kinda see your point.

oh well, thats cool. he he

(I hope I didn't come off as mad or anything, I didn't mean the post to be hostile or nothing like that)

You came off menacing and outright hostile!  Seemingly militant!


TP is similar to Ocarina in many ways.  You don't remember all the accustaions of TP being a OoT remake after release?

Hyrule is very similar, you're saving Princess Zelda yet again (at least Wind Waker mixed things up in this regard), you retread many of the same temples, though with different layouts.  The only major difference was the transition into a wolf, and the wolf bits involved a lot of...platforming! Horrible, I know.  :P

I loved Twilight Princess, and it's my third favorite Zelda title (and third favorite game of all time, after the Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask), but it paled in comparison to these other two, in my opinion.  There were less interesting characters in general, the overwold felt empty, and in general the atmosphere felt weak (there awas nothing quite like the Lost Woods or the Swamp Temple).  The bosses were also rather unoriginal (the boss of the Forest Temple is a pirahna plant.  Yeah, we haven't seen THAT in a Nintendo game before).  Compare this to the likes of Ghomafrom the Ocarina of Time.  I'd say it easily bests Majora's Mask in dungeon design, however, and has some of the better puzzles in the series (I'm not sure why, but I have a love for those block puzzles).


OK.  you make a good point.  I don't recall the arguments but, I wasn't really forum posting at the time, so I wasn't reading any game arguments at the time /lol


I dunno.  I guees to me it was all about feel.  or something.  To me TP was a much more rejuvinating feeling.  I gues I didn't see it as the same or "sequel" to OOT because it wasn't "time travel base", the tune playing was a different style, and all the map layouts were different.  It kept the familiar places in tact but they were different, Like you were playing them in like a totally different century (may have been the point), but I guess then again thats the case with every Zelda game, though some places aren't used in most games it always has Death Mountain, Hyrule Castle, Kakariko Villiage (unnamed in the first one I believe, I can't remember but was i t the town before the big boulder in II?) and .. some other location I think.  but any way yeah I guess I just figured it was more of a Zelda franchise thing rather than an OOT thing, but I guess it does find itself most alligned with it.  I'm still pissed that it didn't have the traditional theme for Kakriko villiage by the way!  . Oh yeah the graveyard is in every game too.  Uhh yeah so I dunno.  To me TP  flowed much smoother and the intertwined trials (like the bridge fights and the killing orcs in the field or whatever) were different trials and were much more entertaing to me, thatn the harvest moon type chores, as I personally see them, in OOT.  but then again people can completely disagree with me on that, and that's cool too.

I guess my main points is when I expierienced OOT it was one feeling, and when I experienced TP it was a whole 'nother experience, so I don't, in my mind, think of them as nearly bieng the same game.  Although with all the things you have listed, and myself as well  + the whole horse thing, I guess I have come to see your point.


Well done, :^)  I enjoyed the convo.


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you seem to think zelda is only OOT WW and TW.... try the 2D ones as well, I like them the best (yeah even the DS one).


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People got different taste ,so it understandable that if don't like Zelda.
But don't think that everyone will thought like you too.

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