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This looks excellent. Unleashed for Winter Break, and this for Spring Break (assuming the March release holds)........my breaks are going to be filled with hours of Sonic!

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Nintendo Power preview summary:

Nunchuk to move Sonic, A to Jump and flick of the Wiimote to attack, and Z to block
Sounds great!

Knuckles, Shadow and Blaze are bosses in the game, they are part of a round table, once you beat them they become your friend. Looks like they are playable as well, though this is optional.
Great to see that they're bosses. Moreso looking forward to Knuckles than Shadow and Blaze. Can't wait to take control of the red Echidna!

Each environment has about 6 to 9 missions.
Eh... wasn't a big fan of the mission based levels in Secret Rings. Ah well...

Looks like there is 3 fighting styles to choose from. Cavalier style = speed. Paladin style = Strength or Knight Style = a balance of both.
Really interesting. This fighting style intrigues me, as long as it doesn't get in the way of the core Sonic platforming.

You can get new skills, like in Secret rings.
As long as you dont have to upgrade to get decent control and speed, it's fine by me.

There also seems to be a multiplayer mode (Battle and Survivor Mode)
No harm for putting it in, as long as it doesn't get in the way of the Single player dev time.

"There are Solo Missions designed specifically for ranked online challenges"
That's pretty cool. Glad to see they're incorporating Wi-Fi for replayability.

NGamer Preview:

Double edges sword slows Sonic's attacks down (most definetly due to the fighting style they chose)
So fighting styles affect his speed... looks like I'm going with Cavalier style.

The camera sits behind Sonic most of the time, switching to a side-on view for certain combat and platforming sections - just like Unleashed.
Awesome. The more 2.5D the better!

The winding track-like stages are as much racing game as platform game - just like Unleashed.
This is great, the more evidence of classic Sonic platforming the better.

Other gameplay elements will see Sonic returning to completed acts to take part in a series of missions and earn more followers.
Missions after the inital act: Ehh...

Later levels are likely to introduce slightly different play styles. We've even seen one that places Sonic atop a horse-drawn carriage, giving him the opportunity to fend off an ambush from a bunch of nimble assassins.
That's cool. If they can add different elements that's fine, but not to the point of how much the Werehog was implemented.



So far so good, I can't wait!

Excellent finds Smeags........pretty positive so far.

Sry but sonic games havnt done it for me since the days of the Genesis :) *SIGH* such good memories!!!

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Well, to be honest they were already put up by Shizzlee in the inital post. I just gave my two cents.

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Ah dammit, I must have scrolled by them after the pictures..............I have given credit, when it was not earned.........I'm bad............bad as the Black Knight.

I loved Sonic and the Secret Rings, this game just looks like they are taking what they did with Secret Rings, and making it far better. I can't wait for this release in sonic's storybook adventures, and the next ones to come as well.

Great Job Sega! Keep up the Wii Support!

Why must JRPG female leads suck so bad?

March cannot come soon enough. I loved Secret of the rings and i'm almost certain that i'll love this to.

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sure looks gr8,
but if it had crappy FPS like secret rings..
then that would be a problem, sonic games MUST have 60 STABLE fps.