Is paying $50 or less year for xbox live really that big of a deal??

Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Is paying $50 or less year for xbox live really that big of a deal??

Or...I'm a PC gamer and don't need XBL or whatever "Qore" is.

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I don't have xbox live since I don't want to pay for it.

I am not saying that there are more costs associated with Live than the other services out there. I am merely stating that it is undeniable that there is a significant amount of overhead involved with providing such an online service. Some companies decide that the benefit of a free online service outweighs the costs to maintain it. They are merely different business models. Sure, I would love for Live online play to be free, but it is not going to happen unless there is a significant decrease in membership. Yes, I know that the Silver and Gold accounts cost the same amount to provide, but M$ is merely offsetting the cost of each by charging for online play. Perhaps someone could start a worldwide boycott, that might make a difference. Until that time, I will pay to play. I am extremely happy with the service.  Using the logic that is tossed around in this thread, Guild Wars is free monthly, they have the same service costs as all others, thus, all other MMOs should follow suit and be free to play.  No one should play them until they are free.

Here is a sample of my bills per month:

Rent: $950(1 bed/1 bath in a suburb of Atlanta, I really need to buy a house, renting is throwing money away)

Cable/Internet: $130

Car: $250

Groceries: $500(On average, for 2 people, my wife and I)

Phone: $75

Electricity: $150

GameFly: $20

NetFlix: $15

XBoxLive: $8(yep, I even pay more by doing it monthly)

Live is the least of my concerns.  If I were to b**** about something, it would be that groceries should come down in price, at least the organic stuff that my wife buys.

yo_john117 said:
kowenicki said:

These kind of threads are pointless... I haven't read the responses because I dont need to.

Let me guess... all the PS3 owners said "hell no" and most of the 360 owners said "yes its a great service".

As a side note, it would be interesting to know how many of those "hell no" PS3 owners are regular subscribers to "Qore" or whatever its called?? (we dont have it in the UK)


What is Qore??


On topic, I have no problem paying for Live as long as Microsoft continues to support/improve the service.  Do I agree that free would be better?  Yes, but that is true of just about everything.

makingmusic476 said:
JaggedSac said:
It sucks for me, one day a month I have to stop myself from getting the latte I usually have.


You can afford a latte a day?  Lucky you...


Yep, and he's willing to give up a month of lattes for something that should be free anyway.

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Bitmap Frogs said:
kowenicki said:
Skeeuk said:

yes of course its that big of a deal.

some people are working out 3p a day or 11cents a day etc, its not about that at all, its the fact that u have to pay full stop.

eg if my live runs out 2mro, i would have to pay 39.99

i say no to that.

i enjoy psn as its free and does exactly the same thing as live.

remeber the only diffrentiating factor with live silver and live gold, is live gold lets u play online, psn lets u do that for free.

so the $50 a year charge is a no go for me and i will never subscribe to it

And thats your choice, just like everyone else in the world.  So why are people bitching about it?

Either pay or dont... but stop whining about it. 




He's just posting to advertise the ps3. Had a look at his sig?

This guy is a joke if he believes that. Oh I forgot he already is a laughing stock and not taken seriously here anyway. Yea he doesn't pay for Live b/c its expensive but yet he owns a DS, PS3 and a 360 and has shitty games like Ferrari racing game, and some Initial D racing game. Wat a loser


THe Qore comparisons are fucking ridiculous guys. Wait oh god a wii music commersial came on as I am typing this oh the horror.

"Is paying $50 or less year for xbox live really that big of a deal??"
If you have an option not to pay, then yes, it does feel like a waste of money.

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