Do you have a Wii but never bought a Gamecube?

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I bought a Gamcube at launch and another one down the track for my sibblings, I'm just wondering if anyone here wasn't with Nintendo the last gneration but have joined in since the Wii.

And if so are you enjoying the Wii so far?

What games are you looking forward to?

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I had a Wii(stolen) but never bought a gamecube and will be getting anotehr Wii as soon as I can find one to buy.

a wii, but no game cube, no n64, no SNES. no xbox, no ps2, and so on.

games looking forward to... not many really. DDR i suppose. and Wii Fit. i thought i would like guitar hero but i've changed my mind.

oh FIFA 08! that's the one i want.

but every once in a while they have surprises like this Table Tennis game from 2K, which if it gets good review i might get. also that PBA bowling game if it's any good, though probably won't be getting it anyway.

the Wii is an epidemic.

I do own a Wii and never bought a Gamecube. I am looking forward to the big3 and strikers. And I'll check out pretty much every semi decent Wii game 3rd and/or 1st party.

I have a wii but, i never bought a gamecube

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No GC. Yes. Too many to list.

I got a Wii and never bought a gamecube, looking forward to Smash Bros., Galaxy, Nights (even though I think I will be disappointed) and all of the rail shooters coming.

It's no surprise at all to see that quite a lot of people on this forum skipped the GC, but own a Wii. Considering the growth rate of the Wii userbase this is logical.

But it's not just market expansion that gives the Wii its already big userbase, in fact it's more a matter of taking marketshare from Sony and to a lesser extent Microsoft right now. It has been said that only 10 % of the current Wii owners didn't own a 6th generation console, the other 90 % are either Nintendo fans or gamers who owned a PS2 and/or Xbox.  

I own a Wii and a GC. Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents on the topic.

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I skipped the Cube, had an N64.

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Last console i owned was a ps1, pc gamer since that. Know I got a WII. Looking forward to next zelda, galaxy and mario kart. But will buy other games too, i think.