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I cant believe over a year after I finished it twice we are talking about Bioshock coming out. Feels like 2007. As for the better graphics.....I bloody well hope so. They have had an extra 12 months. Whats a bet a patch comes for the 360 version the same as Oblivion did. Anyways enjoy it. IT's a very good game.

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The port was done by a different set of devs, and the 360 version is probably not going to sell much more due to a patch, so I doubt they will patch it at all. No money to be made from giving 360 owners more than what they've already had for a year, and are now tired of (or so the sales seem to say).

DMeisterJ said:
outlawauron said:
DMeisterJ said:
This title needs to be budget priced, or it won't sell that well...

They've sweetened the pot, but not enough for a full price tag.

Make it 39.99 and it'll do wonders.

I disagree. Bioshock is $40 everywhere else and it isn't doing too much.

But not on the PS3 :P

I don't think that PS3 owners will hop on this game at full price.

If ps3 owners (who don't own a 360 or a PC capable of playing it) never played it...then why wouldn't they jump to pay full price? I'ts worth it.


- according to what I have read on some french forum (comment on demo).
the game is, at best, as good as the xbox360 version.

- overall, people will buy this game because it is one of the only xbox360 title they really wanted to play.

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