Will FFXIII be a disappointment?

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Final Fantasy is a series everyone loves to hate. The last FF that was universally voted "AWESOME" was Final Fantasy 6. Even if the game lives up to expectations, there are going to be those that buy the game just to bad mouth it. As usual, it won't be for everybody, but I doubt I'll regret buying it.

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Soriku said:
perpride said:
No possible way it will flop. The game is going to take RPG's to a new level.


Disappointment=/=Flop. Isn't FF XII a disappointment yet sold over 5 million? And in what way will it take RPGs to a next level?


yeah for that it would need to be an RPG in the first place :P


now honnestly yeah it's going to be a flop... for simple reason that it will be way over hyped.... it's the kind of game that has absolutely no chance to meet most fans expectation.... like fable, halo 3, GTAIV and many other over hyped games