I like this girl, but I'm no shy to go and talk with her....

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NiKKoM said:
Wait a minute... you are shy to talk to her but you already have her number...????


 Nahh... she works in a jewelry. I have a busines card.

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Don't listen to the other guys... If you like her, just ask if she wants to go have a friendly drink with you after work.. Don't wait another month or so.. because maybe she already has a boyfriend.. and then you just wasted your time... Don't call her!!! Speak to her in person! Go to the shop.. don't hesitate.. just ask her.. if she doesn't like you she would say no now & whenever.. so there is no point in hesitating!


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you're weird

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when I got shy with women I usually tried to make some jokes and make them laugh which would make me alot more relaxed. In this case you should walk in to the jewelry store and say "wanna know whats harder then all these diamonds?" lol just kidding, dont say that.


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Ok, just getting divorced and looking for a new relationship is pretty dumb. I suggest going through a string of meaningful, overnight, relationships. Preferably the kind where you don't remember their names. By a box of condoms, and go have fun. You shouldn't have been married that young in the first place. You robbed yourself of alot of the fun you should have been having in your early 20's. Time to do some catchup. Stop thinking about having a relationship and start thinking about having fun and finding out a bit more about yourself. You live in Texas for crying out loud. That state is full of hot women.

I give this thread a 9.5.

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Wait let me get this right. You were already married and now you are asking for dating tips from a bunch of kids on the internet? People that might be less than 10 years old? Are you sure she didn't divorce you?



Don't look for a relationship. You've been divorced for one month, for crying out loud.

Call her up or visit her, ask her out, go have a good time. Bring condoms.

But don't get involved... Rebound relationships after a huge split are pretty much doomed to failure. Don't even bother trying. Sort yourself out but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun with the ladies in the meantime.

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Geez. Leave the poor guy alone!

Did u find out her name yet?

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