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fagarcia75 said:
When I first heard about the stickers (some time ago) I thought it was pretty lame. Not so anymore.

The only thing that would make this better is to have your on-line brawlers beefed up with sticker abilites.

Um, no, the only thing that would be good for is to give cheaters and pros an unfair advantage. People would race to get the "ultimate" sticker setup, and then only those who play casually would be at a disadvantage. Balance is important in a fighting game, and while you should be rewarded for your achievements in the single player mode, that reward should not spill into multiplayer, lest it be the skill and experience to have a fighting chance against other people.

And besides, I dunno about you, but I prefer to face my opponents on even ground.

Wave-dashing is gone also, FYI. 

Also a little late but what the hell; Shiek is in Brawl! I didn’t think she (take that, "sheik-is-a-guy" boy-lovers!) would make it... But I’m actually more interested in the news that she was at one time supposed to be in Twilight Princess. I guess that designer (not Aonuma) wasn’t jerking around when he said they were thinking about it after all...

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Stickers are only for the Adventure mode, people...dunno why you're arguing about online battles.

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Yeah, I'm a bit confused as to why they are talking about online to when it is only usefule in the Subspace Emissary.


  • Mario: 82
  • Kirby: 57 
  • Link: 54
  • Wario: 51
  • Fox: 47
  • Pit: 41 
  • Yoshi: 40
  • Pikachu: 35
  • DK: 30
  • Diddy Kong: 30 
  • Bowser: 29 
  • Samus: 29 
  • Meta Knight: 27
  • Zelda: 24 
  • Ike: 23
  • Peach: 23
  • ZSS: 23
  • King Dedede: 20 
  • Snake: 18
  • Lucas: 16
  • Sonic: 13
  • PT: 12
  • IC: 10
  • Captain Olimar: 4
  • Sheik: 1 

  • BenKenobi88 said:
    Stickers are only for the Adventure mode, people...dunno why you're arguing about online battles.

    Exactly - and I was explaining to fagarcia (and whomever) why it's best that way. Why you feel the need to make a fuss about it, I do not know.

    what's so good about these stickers?

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    I preordered Brawl today!!!!! YAY!!!

    wiiforever said:
    what's so good about these stickers?

     You pick them up while playing the Adventure Mode.  We thought it was just another thing to collect...but you can "stick" them onto your characters and make them stronger...certain stickers make you stronger, faster?, etc.

    Bet with disolitude: Left4Dead will have a higher Metacritic rating than Project Origin, 3 months after the second game's release.  (hasn't been 3 months but it looks like I won :-p )

  • Pokemon Trainer
  • He moves around to the side of the stage the the Pokemon are on. So if you're on the right side of the screen, he follows to the right side.
  • As already mentioned, his victory/loss is with the last Pokemon used.
  • Final Smash is pretty effective. it can be performed in mid-air also.
  • He does appear on some of the moving stages, but only after the stage has come to a stop. The user saw him on Delfino Plaza during the stationary parts of the stage.


  • Charizard:
  • Flamethrower works exactly like Bowser's.
  • Rock Smash: he picks up a rock and instantly headbutts it. Unsure about damage, but it did decent knock back.
  • Fly: Not as useful as it originally seemed. It looks a lot more like Fire Fox than Fly. Yo charge it, and Charizard takes off and spins. He's engulfed in flames during it.
  • Once again, three jumpes were confirmed for Charizard. Gliding was not used, since the jumps were enough to get back to the stage.
  • Down A is a tail sweep, similar to Mewtwo's in Melee. Had some knock up.


  • Squirtle
  • Water Gun is chargeable. Basic range and pretty much what you'd expect.
  • Withdraw is very useful. It's a lot like Yoshi's Egg Roll. Unsure if he can be knocked out of it. Either he's too small of a target, or he can't.
  • Waterfall is OK. it wasn't used much. Someone may have angled it at a downward angle, but unsure.
  • Good air control. It seems liek Squirtle will have a good aerial game during play.
  • Squirtle is comparable to Young Link of Melee.
  • Down Smash: Makes water splash on both sides of him.
  • Forward Smash: Withdraws into his shell and lunges forward.
  • His double jumps is like an ninja cartwheel in the air.
  • Seems like the least useful of the three Pokemon, but should be a good character once his attacks are abel to be controlled better.


  • Ivysaur
  • Razor Leaf: One big leaf comes out. Is similar to Link's Boomerang. Unsure is multiple leaves can be sent out.
  • Vine Whip: On the ground it can be used as a continuous whip to stun opponents. Like Sheik's whip, only more useful. It was hard to recover with it. It has the recovery range betwee Link and Young Link's Hookshots.
  • A: He shakes his leafy parts, and they get bigger the longer you do the attack. This was seen and not performed by the person first-hand, so its unsure it you hold down A or tap it again and again. It provides good cover on both sides.
  • Forward Smash: he grabs the ground and lunges forward link a sling shot. He returns to the starting position after use. His Down Smash is similar.
  • Ivysaur seems pretty useful. His attacks are mostly leaf attacks and headbutts.


  • King Dedede
  • Standard A is a three swing combo. If you continue to press it, he spins the hammer around and you see light blue/purple/pink colors.
  • Up Special is slow, but very powerful. If you want to cancel the jump, you have to do so half-way through or you will botch the landing.
  • Says teh Waddle Dees don't do much damage, but maybe if you spam them. They are thrown pretty far, so it's a bit hard to suck them up.
  • About Bowser's size.
  • Dash is a running faceplant like from his boss battles.
  • Lays down with his hand supporting his head from crouch (The lazy stance we've seen in videos)
  • Neutral A in air looks like an attack as he puffs up, but wasn't sure.
  • Final Smash was good. The Gordos send people flying and the user got a few KO's with it.
  • The user does not liek Tank characters, but enjoyed Dedede. He's slow in speed, but attacks come out quick. He's powerful and heavy.


  • Wario Impressions:
  • His Bite can catch fast attacks. He was able to stop Pikachu's Skull Bash. It's good for stopping fast attacks.
  • Down A is a spin similar to Pikachu's.
  • Forward throw is a giant swing from Wario World.
  • The Bike is easier to control than Yoshi's Egg Roll. You cna hop off of it at any point and the bike will continue to move.
  • Corkscrew is him spinnning around multiple times.
  • Down throw is a basic slam to the ground.
  • Neutral Aerial attack ia s spin in the air, in which he looks like he's sky-diving.
  • Down Aerial is a chop that has some start-up lag.
  • Down smash is a breakdance that is similar to Peach or Pikachu's, but lasts a bit longer.
  • Victory Pose: Does a donut on his bike and strokes his mustache.
  • Final Smash is the same, only he's a lot faster and sronger.
  • Player did not like Wario at first, but after playing him more and more, he seemed very enjoyable to play as.


  • Peach's Radishes appeared as an item in the match, even when no one was playing as her.
  • This person seems to say that Stafy was useful.
  • The jumpbaord from Mario games is an item.

  • The bats*** crazy rumors begin!

    Necrid (of SCII fame) confirmed in Brawl!!!


    Hahahahahahahahahahaha.... Who knows if it's true? Who cares? I'm just going to love these rumors over the next few weeks.

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