Zelda: Link’s Awakening sold 430,000 copies in its first three days in Europe

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Amazing It seems that BotW has raised the bar for the series.

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Mar1217 said:
Ganoncrotch said:

They remake it but it's in 9 different parts now which you can only get access to the first 2 by buying the year 1 season pass, also rupees have been replaced with a premium in game currency which costs 1e per StarRupee! You can earn those in game of course, you earn one StarRupee each time you complete the game 10 times in under 15minutes, so the option of buying the content is just OPTIONAL.

Don't forget the dance mini-game in the lava world !

It's now actually it's own spin-off game called The Legend of Zelda : Dancing Seasons :O

Pssshhhhh such crazy talk, you're crazy man, they would never.... do....


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I finished Link's Awakening last week and the game was certainly fun and appeared to be very polished, but I would have liked "more". I just wish the game was a bit harder, and that bosses took a few more hits to kill. I breezed through the whole game and my save file is deathless.

For the record, I did play through Link's Awakening DX on the GBC back in the day, but it was so long ago that I don't think the game was made any easier as a result.

Other than that, I would have liked the dungeon editor to be more expansive. Like allowing us to customize the contents of the chests, and to have "more" rooms to unlock. It's such a cool idea, and it works pretty well, but there isn't enough rooms to give them enough variation.