[Update] Radiation therapy complete, awaiting surgery

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Hell yeah! good news. Keep it up dude!

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You will beat it! Wish the best for you and stay strong.


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You'll beat this sucker. Great job Curl!

Hope the treatment goes well.
Keep fighting!

I wish the best for you.

Stay strong!

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Is always good to see this type of news. You’ll be great in no time. Keep the positive attitude! Cheers man!

Awesome news. Stay strong. :)

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That's some good news, you'll win this battle, my friend!

Sorry to hear that your times of getting badgered on VGC will most likely not come to an end anytime soon.

Heck... who am I kidding.

I am not sorry. After all, I am the one who gets to do the lion share of all the badgering. It will be so much fun.

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Good to hear. Good luck, pound that tumor into the dirt!