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Contra Rogue Corps will be releasing in about a month; most likely to no fanfare. I will not lie, the reveal trailer was pretty fucking cringey and that is all it left me with. Upon further investigation though, I think we in good hands. Nobuya Nakazato is the director behind this one and that is important info because he was also the director behind Contra 3, Contra: Hard Corps and Shattered Soldier, the 3 best Contra games ever! (Hard Corps is the absolute best).

It's definitely a budget title with a price of 39.99 and a season pass pre-order bundle of.... 44.99. 5 bucks more; that's unheard of nowadays.

So, what do you guys think? You getting it? Thinking about it? Absolutely no?

Tutorial Stage

PvP gameplay

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It's in 3D.

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Oh! before people start whining about the perspective change; Neo Contra already did it first so contrary to what you may have read it's not new. If Rogue Corps had to absolutely be 3D, I think a twinstick shooter is the smartest idea.

TruckOSaurus said:
It's in 3D.

goddammit trucks.

Xxain said:
TruckOSaurus said:
It's in 3D.

goddammit trucks.

You're too slow.

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this game looks straight up trash.

i wouldnt put down $10 for it tbqh

I don't like twinstick shooters, $40 for this type of game seems a bit high.

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It doesn't look like a Contra game, the visuals are just ugly, weapons overheating and becoming unusable for a moment in a Contra game is a baffling design decision, and as 3D has always been a detriment to the series. That about covers it up. I might try it at some point and if the gameplay is actually fun I can forgive a lot of the issues, but it's not exactly starting from a good point.

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That's more like a generic twinstick shooter, and the graphics are ugly, clearly not optimized at all to the Switch.

Then there's that weapon overheating mechanic...

Just looks awful, IMHO. Lacks character and style. Just seems like a boring iOS random shooter. I don't see this reviewing well nor do I see it worth more than $10.